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    EMF emissions in HCH / Prius?

    There is a reason hybrids have external roof antennas I have found out. The radios cannot work with an in-cabin antenna I suspect because there is too much EMF from the power cable running under the body of the car.

    This worries me somewhat. I found this out because my sons MP3 player has a gizmo to transmit on 88.7 to the car radio. Works fine in our non-hybrid vechiles - but not our HCH.

    Does anyone know what is "safe" here? Potentially highest risk is for small children and infants would be my guess...

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    EMF emissions in HCH / Prius?

    please don't spread the false rumour of EMF-RFI-EMI, etc having any affect on people.

    this is a LONG winded Urban Legend.

    i use an FM broadcaster with my IPOD to the stock radio - works fine on any channel, so long as it's not one used by a regular radio station.

    see ya

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    EMF emissions in HCH / Prius?


    I was just checking here. This morning I had to use the defroster in my Lincoln on the rear window, and it blots out the radio because of a short somewhere on the wiring on the window - so obviously it does not take much to interfere with broadcast reception!

    I was looking for a sanity check. I guess I need to get a better MP3 xmitter - it is only a $14.95 special from K-Mart!

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    EMF emissions in HCH / Prius?

    Supplemental thought - your cellphone is probably more of a hazard here - http://www.rfsafe.com/ for the truly paranoid!!

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    EMF emissions in HCH / Prius?

    Note that there is no conclusive evidence either way. This is not an urban legend as much as we'd like to believe it.

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    we are all going to

    we are all going to die!!!!!!!.....uh huh ahahahaha
    We are only going to get the truth after we all have invested all we could and depend on it to the point of no return...just refinance your life ...again.
    that how it works isn't. bait and switch your life and family to save.
    This is the cost of trying to solve a problem in a hurry when it could of been taken care of in the early 70's the technology was there but our government felt it needed to listen to the experts The ones that could see the future ......(and see us all broke and sick) WE did not vote, we voted with our pockets. too leave in a good note. Try to to survive by talking to each other little things like that will have big impacts tomorrow

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    A LOT of newer cars have the

    A LOT of newer cars have the antenna in the same place. Big deal. And ass cancer is all right with me if I'm rocking 60 MPG baby!

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    Anonymous is dangerously

    Anonymous is dangerously ignorant of the facts. The poster is absolutely right to be concerned about EMF in electric and hybrid vehicles, especially in regard to young children. The one area in which scientists, politicians and researchers agree is the negative effects of cell phone and other EMF radiation on young brains. There is a huge amount of research out there at this point and the inescapable conclusion is that EMFs penetrate children's bodies (skulls and brains in particular) more deeply than those of adults, and that such radiation is a known human carcinogen. People who believe corporations like AT&T over science and research are doomed to a life of ill health for themselves, and worse for their children.


    In Fance, they've even banned advertising or designing cell phones for the youth market:


    Remember that if something hasn't been proven harmful, that doesn't mean that it has been proven safe. With many new technologies, it's wise to wait for enough time to pass to allow for reliable, reviewed, repeatable research that determines that technologies safety and usefulness.

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