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    Engine prob after picking up my car for the body shop

    I got rear ended in my 07 civic hybrid. The body shop has had ny vehicle since 4/19 and I just got it back today. She has about 95,000 miles on it but no prob with the engine at all until tonight. I drove home from the body shop ok but when I started my car again to get gas she died...I was able to get her started but the battery and the Ima and the check engine light are on. She won't auto stop now and the lights are still on even after restarting. The body shop detailed my car along with the engine bay which still looks greasy. If the body unplug my battery while repair could they have ruined something? While I drove home from the gas station she wanted to die again. Any ideas on what could be wrong?

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    Could be a host of things.

    Could be a host of things. Just to commiserate: our car was in a body repair shop for nearly a month last fall, and on final pick up it just didn't feel the same. The mileage showed 29 liters/100 km, which I didn't think was possible, LOL.

    I would take it to a Honda dealership and get it checked out, and relay the story of the repair, any details that seem relevant. The body shop may have had to disconnect the battery, and/or various other electrical connections. And might have missed something, or messed something up. But you need a pro to check the computer codes, and carefully trouble shoot it.

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    The body shop says the

    The body shop says the hybrid prob just needs to recharge but their machanic will look at it monday!
    We let the car sit out in the sun so the engine bay could dry from the detail...it turn on and started to charge again but the check engine light is still on. It's throwing a code of p0a3f.
    The insurance co wants me to let them look at it before I take it to a dealer.

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    "The insurance co wants me

    "The insurance co wants me to let them look at it before I take it to a dealer"

    I think it would be a pretty easy argument to tell your insurance company you'd prefer an authorized Honda repair fascility to diagnose mechanical issues.

    Also, the "detailing" of the engine compartment might be a factor, or not. There's really no reason for a body shop to be spraying your engine compartment.

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