Hi there -- i have an 06 HCH with about 65,000 miles. I love the car, but there are three irritating things i notice with it. Wondering if anyone has thoughts/advice.

1. When starting off from a stop, the car sort of lurches forward slightly and there is a lug on the engine -- as if were starting out in 2nd gear in a manual transmission car -- or let out the clutch fast. This is accompanied by a slight shudder. Then it evens out.

2. When i slow down for a red light and almost come to a complete stop, but then accelerate again when light turns green, there is often a jerking sensation. It again feels like i let out the clutch really fast in a manual transmission. This happens even if i begin accelerating again only slightly. If i do come to a complete stop but the engine doesn't shut off, if i start again i often notice a sticking sensation, as if it takes a second for the transmission to engage. All of this is with very mild acceleration. I touch the pedal very slightly.

3. I no longer hear the electric motor noise (that high pitched whine). I feel like i used to hear it when i first bought the car. Instead, now when i accelerate and the RPMs go up around or past 3,000, i hear what sounds like a mild version of a diesel engine, if you can imagine that. My girlfriend's sister has an '08 HCH and i can hear the electric motor noise clearly in hers. It sounds completely different. (in hers also don't notice the jerking/lug thing when starting from a stop or at low speeds -- it has smooth acceleration).

Additional info: i had the transmission fluid replaced last year as part of regularly scheduled maintenance. This had no effect on any of these behaviors. The dealership has said they don't notice anything abnormal.

The other thing that puzzles me is that i drive like a grandma to get good MPG. My GF's sister drives like a maniac. Yet we both are getting around the same long-time average MPG (40 MPG). I don't know what mileage hers is but my odometer long-time average is based on about 10,000 miles because i accidentally reset it one time. My MPG for my current tank of gas is about 46. This puzzles me but i do not need advice on getting better mileage. Just threw it in as it might be an indication of something.

any thoughts appreciated.