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Thread: Prius Problems?

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    I got a 2005 Prius 2 weeks

    I got a 2005 Prius 2 weeks ago 5 miles from home the check engine light came on. They say It's burning oil and pluging the catalitic converter.
    I have checked oil after around 500 miles and it doesn't seem to be down. It cost $1600 to replace converter but I need to know what is plugging it before I replace it. Any ideas or tips ? Thanks

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    My head lights are burning

    My head lights are burning out about every 2 months. The is getting expensive.

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    I bought my 2008 prius in

    I bought my 2008 prius in Sept. of 2007. Have had all oil changes on time with tire rotations. Am pleased with gas mileage, however I was not happy with the mat recall. The dealership fixed my gas petal, but told me to keep a mat off the driver side, which I've refused to do. Michigan winters are frought with salt & snow. My frame would be rusted out by now if I followed that advice.
    At 19,987 mi. my water pump took a crap. Warrenty replaced it. At 47,943 mi. my left headlight needed costly replacement (my cost).
    At 50,931 my 12 volt battery took a dump (my cost). Six days later (51,146 mi. with a two-year old grandchild in the car), I had to be towed again with a diagnosis of an entire fuel tank assembly. In both of the latter tows I ran out of gas with the bars on the dash still showing I had two bars of gas. My extended warrenty covered the gas tank, but not the battery. Who listens or does anything with these complaints at Toyota? I'm tired of fixing this thing!

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    My 2003 Prius has 138,000

    My 2003 Prius has 138,000 miles.

    December 2011 I was traveling from Portland to Seattle driving 75 MPH when the check engine light came on around Olympia. The car still drove but something was obviously wrong with the power train as the car definitely had reduced power. I drove it to the Toyota dealer in Olympia. They put it on their computer tester and their diagnosis was something to do with the system that handled the switching between the electric and gas motor. They had never seen the problem, didn't have the parts in stock, and quoted the cost of repair at $3,500. The dealer "reset" the electrical problem and I continued on my trip, albeit driving 60 MPH so as not to push the engine too hard. The problem seemed to be solved.

    Fast forward to March 2012, again traveling from Portland to Seattle driving 65-70 MPH. When I was about 70 miles into my trip the check engine light came on again and I felt like it was the same problem with the engine (because it was the same circumstance -- highway driving for more than an hour). I pulled over and let the car sit for about 5 minutes. Turned around and drove back to Portland. This time the car ran fine on my return trip but the check engine light remained on. After 1-2 days of in town driving, the check engine light went off and the problem went away and was solved.

    Fast forward to earlier July. Traveling to Corvallis, I was about 65 miles out of town when I was accelerating to near 70mph to get past another vehicle when the same thing happened again. This time I pulled over and waited for about 15 minutes, started the car and everything reset and was fine. I drove home at a max speed of 60mph.

    I drove to Seattle and back in June without a problem and the key to that trip was keeping the speed at 60MPH.

    Anyone have any ideas about this?

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