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    Resetting the IMA system after I ran the battery down

    I just bought a 2007 Honda Civic Hybrid with automatic transmission (CVT) with 29,000 miles.

    I accidentally left the door ajar while in church last Sunday. When I came out the battery was dead. I jumped it, drove it home and charged it overnight. However, when starting it sounds like a regular engine with a starter, the IMA and check engine lights are on and the battery charging lights don't function.

    I called the dealer who said to just drive it a few miles and it will "reset" itself. I've been driving it a week now and nothing has changed. I don't think the electric motor is working at all. Has anyone else had this problem?

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    Obviously the moral to this

    Obviously the moral to this story is: don't go to church

    Seriously, it sounds like an ongoing problem. The Civic Hybrid has a conventional starter, but it's only supposed to operate if the air temperatures are very low, minus 29F or somewhere around there.

    Does your 12 volt have an indicator window? What is it showing?

    Also, what did you use for the overnight charge? What amperage/type of charger, and is it an "auto" charger, ie: it tapers off the charging rate as the battery regains charge.

    In my similar experiences, using a 6 amp "auto" charger, it took 2~3 overnight charging sessions before the indicator window went back to normal (red/blue) display.

    Now I use a CTEK 3000 periodically, as a maintenance charger. The Hybrid's 12 volt battery is pretty puny...


    A. A bit more charging of the 12 volt will restore it, and your car will behave normally, ie: starting with the IMA

    B. Replacement of 12 volt will fix things.

    Otherwise, there could be a real issue with the IMA. If both IMA and check engine lights continue to be lit, and the dealerships's solution is wait-and-see, it might be time to try another dealership, if that's possible.

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