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    Car won't start after listening to radio with ignition off

    I have a 2005 Civic Hybrid. More than 100K miles, still runs pretty good, and I am lucky to have never had Hybrid Battery problems that I have read about. But I have a recent issue that has happened 3 times. If I shut the engine off and sit in the car listening to the radio for 10 minutes or so, the car will not start again. The starter makes a clicking noise, but the engine will not start up. The first 2 times, I shut off the radio and removed the key, tried again a minute later, and it started. This last time, I had remove the key for 10 minutes before it started again, after trying several times.

    Thoughts? Anyone had similar problem?

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    I have done this too, your

    I have done this too, your 12V battery is not a powerhouse as it doesn't need to be, you might want to have it checked for a weak cell Have you ever changed the battery, on an '05 it may be time

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