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    Rear tires cupping

    My 2008 HCH II has 29000 miles but its rear OEM tires cupped inside and worn out really bad. Is this some thing due to bad alignment or too much load? I am keeping tire pressure 40 psi front and 38 psi rear and usually carry 5 person including 3 under 14 children in the back with some stuff in the trunk weigh not more than 200 lbs. Any suggestion on how to correct this will be greatly appreciated. I know for sure, I have to replace those 2 tires. Would rear wheel alignment help?

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    I have a 2008 HCH II as well

    I have a 2008 HCH II as well and had the same problem at 18,000 miles. At first the dealership where I have my car serviced told me that my car was out of alignment and that was the cause of the excessive inner tire wear. I know that excessive inner tire wear was a well known problem with pre-2008 civics and after reading several message boards is still a problem with at least some 2008's.

    At first the dealership gave me the option of paying for a new set of tires and alignment or contact Honda of America. I didn't want to pay for new tires for the same problem to return within a few months and contacted Honda. The representive at Honda was at first very dissmissive and tried to blame me for the issue and did not want to help. My main advice I can give you is TO BE PERSISTENT with contacting Honda as well as the service manager at the dealership if you take your car there for servicing.

    Ultimately, the dealership took my car in for a second look and finally discovered a problem with the rear control arm. It was replaced as well as the tires at no cost. I have approximately 9,000 miles on the new tires and at my first 5,000 mile rotation they were still in good shape. Certainly hope this pair last longer than 18,000 miles.

    Good luck and provide updates of what happens. I know first hand of the stress this issue can cause.

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    Thank you for sharing your

    Thank you for sharing your experience. Unfortunately, I had to replace all the tires on my own expense because I am about to drive to Disneyland, CA from Texas and I do not want to take any chances. However, I will contact Honda and post the update.

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    Thank you Anonymous. I am

    Thank you Anonymous. I am also looking to buy a 2007 HCH from a dealer and found the rear tires cupping. A second opinion mechanic showed me and also pointed out the wear on the front tires as well. If we buy this car (also has 29000) we will suggest replacing the rear control arm.

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    I bought a new 2007 hch and

    I bought a new 2007 hch and the tires were cupping on the inside, they had 27,000 miles on them so i thought maybe they were cheap tires and that i drive a lot of highway miles it was my fault so i bought 4 new tires and did every thing i was suppose to tire rotation check air pressure and guess what here we go again down the same road with the same results cupping on the inside and it sounds like i have snow tires on it. There is 40,000 miles on the car now ,i am going to contact Honda were i bought the car. then if no result i will call corp.

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    i bought my '08 HCH brand

    i bought my '08 HCH brand new in 03/08.
    the rear tires were destroyed @ 1yr. and 20k mi.
    this vehicle is not used for anything but commuting purposes,
    as i have other cars. i am a conservative driver who has owned factory new cars since i was 16 and have never experienced this level of safety defect, nor have i encountered a manufacturer that was so blatantly unwilling to acknowledge the problem.
    both dealerships kept my car (for 1 day & 2 days,respectively) only to tell me, exactly what i already told them was wrong when making the appointment and offering no solution. never acknowledging that this is an obviously legitimate issue.
    i am not the type of car consumer that "NITPICKS" a vehicle of this caliber,
    but .............
    i will never buy another Honda product again as this is a display of the type of business ethics that put "american" car companies in bankruptcy.
    FURTHERMORE, if honda does not fix this issue, i will sell this vehicle or trade it for a TOYOTA PRIUS.
    if anyone has any further info or help, please offer it .

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    Commuter, I feel your pain

    Commuter, I feel your pain as I went through the same process. Unfortunately, the dealership I originally took my 2008 HCHII for servicing was not helpful. I only got any action when I called Honda Corporate and made a complaint. If you have not done so already, please do.

    First, be prepared for the person you speak with at corporate to blame you for the problem by saying something along the line of "this would not have occurred if you rotated your tires every 5,000 miles" if you didn't. Don't listen to this diversion tactic as this is a well known problem with the Civic and timely rotating your tires would only spread the uneven wear to the other tires and extend their lives a little longer. This does not negate that there may be a problem with your rear control arm that is causing inner tire wear.

    When you speak with corporate, you need to be firm with your position yet polite as that person will likely be your only recourse to receive a proper repair and tire replacement. If you burn your bridges with that individual then I do not know what else you can do.

    When you took your vehicle to the dealerships did they look to see if there was a problem with the rear control arm? At first, the dealership I originally took my car to did not even look to see if there was a rear control arm problem. What did they say was the cause for the uneven tire wear?

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    THEY DID NOTHING ! they gave

    they gave me the car back telling me the same thing i told them was wrong with it!
    except they took 24-36 hours to come up with this confirmation !!
    LOL !
    whatever ........
    i'm really not buying a HONDA product ever again.

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    How did you get honda to

    How did you get honda to give you the replacement tires for free. I am fighting with them. They have offered to pay 50% of replacement value because they say they are good to 40 000km, and I drove them to 31000. Any help you could give me would be appreciated.

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    Sorry, my question is too

    Sorry, my question is too Anonymous, or anyone else who can help me

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