I have the opposite auto-stop issue than most other 2003 HCH owners.

It started a while back when I noticed the heat stopping to work at certain times for no apparent reason. Blowing cold air, when it was working fine a few minutes before. Engine temp is high enough at all times. Then it will start working again after a while. Today gave me the best hint. It is -20 outside and the heat stopped again and also the auto-stop kept coming on. When the heat started again the auto-stop would not come on in the cold temp (working properly). So it seems, by my logic, the thermostat that operates the auto-stop is also the same one that operates my in-car temp. It must be registering hot enough to start running cold air to cool my interior and also hot enough outside to start using auto-stop again. Just a guess but the best I can come up with. Does anyone know where this thermostat reader is located and if they are in-fact the same for both?