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    Cruise Control: sudden acceleration

    Has anyone experienced unwanted acceleration while in cruise control mode? My '08 MMH has done it twice, going from the set 60 mph to over 70 before I turned cruise off, and then it was fine. Not too bad but with all of the Toyota recalls going on, I was curious if this was a common problem with FEH and MMH?

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    Two years ago, in September

    Two years ago, in September of 2008, our sons Dodge Stratus had the very same problem. However, he was not using his cruise control at the time. It automatically malfunctioned on its own and sent the car on a nonstop high speed run which he could not control which resulted in a head on colision with a Henry County Sherrif's employee in Georgia. He almost lost his life that day but thanks be to God his life was spared. The henry County District Attourney's office told us that there was no such thing as sudden unwanted acceleration and threatened our son with 16 years in prison if we didn't make a plea deal. After spending $10,000.00 in legal fees and running out of money, we had no choice but to plea or risk our son going to jail for 16 years and ruining his life! I really wonder what the District Attourney's office's oppinion of this nonexisting occurance with all of the Toyota cars of late is now?!

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    I actually had the same

    I actually had the same thing happen to me at least 4 times in the past 2 years. I don't use cruis control that often, only when on the long trips. i have a 2004 RAV4 4WD. Never had any other problems. But when acceleration happened suddenly at first I thought maybe I stepped on the gas. But I didn't. Then I had to turn the cruise control off in order fot it to stop accelerating. Scary feeling. I am going to check with my dealrership.

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