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    Creaking in front suspension

    I have a 09 FEH with under 12K miles, purchased 10 months ago. The left front suspension creaks while "off loading the front suspension" (brake released, starting to accelerate) or "loading up" (coming to a stop). It has been to the dealer once. They could not find the problem but they took apart the front left suspension and re-greased everything in site. Problem solved for 1k miles. The creaking has returned. Not really a big problem, just annoying. Has anyone else have or had this problem? The dealer is earnest but I think a bit of a loss to explain what is happening.

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    I have ~14,000 on my '09 FEH

    I have ~14,000 on my '09 FEH and no problems yet. I take fast hard turns to keep up speed for MPG also. Have you checked the alignment? Could you have hit something and damaged a shock absorber or something? Has the dealer confirmed the noise?

    The repair manual states that a noise can come from a reactor and repairing the reactor will not solve the problem. Also, the originator of the noise can be transferred through a conductor to another component. Look outside the box like even the tire or rim for the cause of the noise. I have defective rims on my '02 Explorer and that has caused my rear end gears to start making a whining noise now as an example. Good Luck!

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    I have 8,000 on my '09 FEH

    I have 8,000 on my '09 FEH and same problem.im living in nyc .after today visit in service the dealer was trying to convince me that noises were coming from nail and stones which were in my tire.nice try.they did nothing to resolve true problem and i finished with second day at the dealership.i will see what next....

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    they have replaced left side

    they have replaced left side motor mount (hard to tell whats that).nothing changed-still having rasping -clicking noises.i have impression that they don't have true hybrid technician and they dont know what they looking for....i have to find good hybrid technician in nyc area.maybe somebody could help....

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