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    highest milage on an hch? I am getting a new battery pack this week

    My car is at the dealer right now getting a new battery pack. My car has about 129,000 miles on it, so I figured it made sense that it needed a new one. I live in california, so it was still under warranty (thank goodness).
    I was just wondering, on average, how many miles should we expect from a hch? I put mine through absolute hell. I bought it new and it has this many miles. I know that at some point I am going to need a new car (i am liking the insight...) but when do you know you need a new car? I am about 1,000$ away from paying the car off, and considering i am getting a brand new battery for it, it should last quite a while, am i right? I just want to not have a car payment.
    what's the highest miles that on a hch?

    anyway, should i expect better milage with a new battery pack? I used to get around 45 mpg then it dropped to around 35 because i drive a lot more in the city (los angeles, traffic, hell). i want to one day go back to 40 mpg.

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    "so I figured it made sense

    "so I figured it made sense that it needed a new one"

    Was it failing, were there warning lights, what was the dealership's assesment, etc?

    Also, what year?

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    I've got a 2003 HCH 5spd

    I've got a 2003 HCH 5spd with about 222,500 miles on it, had it since it was new and no problems so far with IMA, only thing outside of scheduled maintenance was the cat converter failed - check engine light went on around 160,000 mi and finally got around to replacing both of them last fall at 212k - since then no dashboard warning lights or problems. Car is still averaging about 45 mpg even in Michigan winter although I do baby it most of the time.

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    To all on this site, forget

    To all on this site, forget M. Santos and her support for Honda's endless excuses. Today, there is justice as I won my lemon law case against Honda forcing them to repurchase my 2008 Honda Civic Hybrid.

    Up until 30,000 Miles, my Honda Hybrid actually performed better than the EPA sticker of 40-50 MPG. I was getting 55-60. Then came the first routine maintenance at 30,000 miles and that software update.

    After that my mileage dropped to 27 MPG. From 6-09 to the beginning of 2010, I brought my Honda in to the dealership a total of 5 times because of the poor gas mileage.

    As if M. Santos and the Honda dealerships were all rehearsing the excuses from the same talking points. My dealerships told me the following.

    #1 It was my driving... Of course I was the same guy who got 55 MPG in the beginning
    #2 I did an oil change outside the dealership... But then I did the oil change with Honda and nothing changed.
    #3 I must have used gasoline with more than 10% ethanol in it.... But I was the same driver, using the same gas, driving to the same places the entire time and still got 55 MPG in the beginning.
    #4 I had too much weight in the trunk.... I am a sales guy and had a box full of brochures in my trunk. I really had to laugh when I pointed out that it is a four door family car and I am the only person driving it. Surely that 50 lbs is more than offset by what 3 other passengers would have weighed.
    #5 I had the wrong tires on the car.... They actually were right on this one ! My original tires wore out after 6 months according to them because of my poor driving, but, when I went to a different dealership and asked if there were any recalls or service bulletins I was told about the rear axle rods that Honda told the dealerships to fix because it wears out the tire prematurely

    So even it this case it was Honda's deception or incompetence that made them fail to tell me about the service bulletin and in fact used it as a means to explain away the poor Gas mileage.

    If you look on the internet, you will find many complaints about the Honda Civic Hybrids and the poor mileage. You will also see Ms. Santos defending Honda in every case.

    What you need to do is file a complaint against Honda. In most states this is free of charge and done within the lemon law process. I live in Florida and my state is actually harder to gain consumer protection than other states like California or Oregon where the Honda might even face penalties.

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