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    Brake Job for 2003 HCH

    So I must be blind because I can't seem to find the search function for this forum. Anyway my wife is complaining about bad braking on her 03 HCH. I figure at 92000 of inner city miles it's probably due for a brake job. I've done many in the past on regular cars, is there anything different about a hybrid with an energy producing brake system? Just new pads and turned rotors is a normal job unless the master is giving out but I suspect the pads and shoes are just worn out. Thanks for any replies, let me know quick I will probably start this on saturday.

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    Hi DUANOB, I have a 2004

    Hi DUANOB,

    I have a 2004 civic hybrid Manual transmission. It just turned 150000 miles this week, I'm a mechanic inclined person, And I've done brakes twice already. I changed the pads twice and rotors once, Never changed the the shoes it's still looks new. I'm not sure about the CVT version. But the manual version does not have any regenerative system atached to the brakes, I'ts works with the transmission. So, You do not have to worry if you have a manual civic. Also make sure you buy good quality pads and rotors. I've used cheap pads and rotors before, only to find out to be noisy and released lots of dirt on my alloy wheels. I will never use ever again

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    There's nothing special

    There's nothing special about hybrid civic brakes. Well, apart from the fact that they tend to last longer, due to the charging function.

    If they're the same as 2006, the minimum pad thickness spec. is 1mm, but I wouldn't want to go that low, they start to come apart when really thin.

    Just be sure to have some anti-seize compound on hand, for all faying surfaces between back of pad, shims and calliper/piston. If you add fluid, stick with the Honda stuff, just to be 100% compatible.

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    OK Update on the brakes and

    OK Update on the brakes and more questions. The front disc pads were very easy and straight forward. The rotor looked good and wasn't warped or scored or grooved so I left them alone.

    The rears I was prepared to change but when I took the drums off they looked brand new! No brake dust or dirt. We've owned the car for 20K, there should be some signs of wear.

    Now some people would say that's a good thing but they don't seem to be doing their job. Which in turn wears the the front brakes out faster. The manual adjustment looks like a pain in the arse and I believe there is a special tool? Because I couldn't get a standard brake tool or a screw driver in there to adjust them. And also aren't drum brakes supposed to be self adjusting? Because these ones aren't doing that. And I couldn't find anything in the owner's manual about it. Most cars w/ rear drums you put the car in reverse and do a couple of hard brakes to self adjust but it I can't find any info on the HCH. Anybody have any info?

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    There should be *some* brake

    There should be *some* brake dust on the rear brakes. Were they "really" clean? Also, were the drums hard to take off? They should be, I think, if the shoes are set right. Our are looking to have minimal wear, nearing 80000km.

    I recently pulled ours just to take a peek, and it took several tries to get them worked off. You get it pulled maybe 1/4" and they get a little crooked and jamb, requiring you to push it back in and try again. How about the parking brake, how many clicks to locked? Spec is 8~10, I believe.

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    You know it was if the

    You know it was if the brakes were just done a week ago. No dust, the drums came right off. I know they haven't been changed in over 20,000 miles because we've owned it for that long. I see where the adjustment has to be done but it's in a very tight place and no regular brake tool will fit the adjustment hole on the backing plate. And a screwdriver doesn't fit because some things are in the way on the back side of the backing plate. I adjusted them manually as far as I could with the drums off and still be able to push the drums back on.

    There has to be an auto adjust on the rear drums. Just can't find it written anywhere in the owner's manual. Most cars with rear drums you put it in reverse and tap the brakes a few times while the car moves backwards. Anybody know for sure?

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    I think that this is an

    I think that this is an interesting thing to read about. You might consider some good branded parts like what Raybestos and other brands can give to you. I'm sure you would be able to really get the things up on that one.

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