There have been comments about how bad this sytem is and how people would never buy a car with it, well everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I personally love the fact that I don't have to fumble with keys to start my car. I love the fact that I can just walk up to my car grab the door handle, open the door, get in and push a button in one fluid motion. I love the fact that there are no keys hanging down and constantly rubbing on my leg and jingling.

What I don't like is that one key can't be programmed to more than one car. I now have two vehicles that use thos sytem and it would be great if I only needed one key for the both of them. would even get the emergency door cylinder replaced in one to match the other if I only needed to carry one key.

I also have a tundra that does not use this system and would love to add it to the truck.

This is part of progress, and sometimes progress does cost more money. expecting parts for a modern electronically controled car to cost the same as a points and carb controlled car that was made over 75 years ago is silly.