u r on the right track ---- once heard a mechanic ask in a Toyota mechanics class "why he had to buy 'special' tools to service the new cars." -- The answer - "Do u want everyone servicing their own cars".

The issue is not that the part or the time required to do it is costly. RFID chips (embedded in keys) r cheap. They put the same thing on all Walmart merchandise and ur pets.

The FOB electronics r no more involved than an FRS radio. The problem is that it is to make a $25,000 machine work - period. So they figure 1% of the cost is reasonable. Ever notice how the cost of service to a BMW is so much more than that of a Corolla? It is a game - again - "follow the money"

The money says make it so the FIX is limited (supply) then we can charge a lot for it (demand). In 10 years when there r thousands of ppl selling these things and most vehicles in the junk yard the price may be more reflective of what they cost to actually make them now.

BTW - the device to program these things is $2500. to $6500. depending on how much s/w u buy.

Again, limiting the buyers, lowering the supply and raising the cost. Some of that is a valid effort to control it out of the hands of random thieves. BUT, if u have a working key and FOB u can get it programmed. If a dealer telly u he can only program a NEW one that u have to buy from him at $350. never do business with him again. There r a couple dealers who thought I should pay a premium to buy my vehicle when it first came out. They never saw me again.