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Thread: Prius Smart Key

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    Well, I have an appointment

    Well, I have an appointment in 20 minutes at the local dealer to get a new FOB for $300+. I already tried a local guy who could do a better price but failed to program the key when he came over and tried and said it wasnt worth trying again. I have gone 9 months with one fob/key sharing with my wife, and it just isnt worth it, what if I lose my only key, who knows how much it will cost (per the posts in this blog). My best option is to put an IF Found. return to Dealer (or other address) with reward on my keychain in the case I lose it and someone finds it, as well as buying a key finder that will make a loud beeping sound when I misplace my keys in the house, which I do every couple months. All I can say is, what a racket that the manufacturers have going on, but what are you going to do?

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    Are there any lawyers out

    Are there any lawyers out there that can start a class action law suit against Toyota for monopolistic price gauging?

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    You all cheapskates! If you

    You all cheapskates! If you bought a Prius already, THEY ARE EXPENSIVE, so SPEND the $ needed to get a new key from the DEALERSHIP!!

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    I have a 2006 Prius Smart

    I have a 2006 Prius Smart Key that I found among my belongings after I traded in my 2006 Prius. I understand this key can be reprogrammed by the Toyota dealer to be used with any 2006 Prius. i would like to sell this Smart Key and will accept any reasonable offer. I can be reached by email at comcom@mail.com.

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    I found this ebay store, you

    I found this ebay store, you can buy a new unused smart key for about $150 and programmed it from a dealer to solve your problem.

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    My smart key for the 2006

    My smart key for the 2006 Prius has stopped sending remote signals to open doors and start the car. It will work with the buttons and plugging it in, but all of a sudden the other remote processes will not work. I have replaced the batteries.

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    Used smart keys can be

    Used smart keys can be programmed with a fairly new diagnostic tool from Advanced Diagnostics of the UK. T_Code Pro and MVP Pro. Find a locksmith in your area that has one of these tools and they should know how to reset the ICU on your Prius.

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    Yeah, the "smart" key is a

    Yeah, the "smart" key is a total rip off. Rather than let my dealer screw me out of $300 for a spare, I am considering making a steel lock box to keep the "stupid" fob in the car. I'll carry the door key and lock box key.

    The last ignition lock and key, which I installed myself in a 1936 Plymouth cost me $5.00.

    Has Toyota ever considered that is someone wants to steal a car there days, they just carjack it while it is running> This is not progress.

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    Hi, would you accept $50? My

    Hi, would you accept $50? My Prius only has another couple of years left and I really don't want to invest too much on a spare key that may or may not be reprogrammable based on what I've read on this blog.

    Thanks for your consideration,


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    If you lose only the

    If you lose only the smartkey in another city from where you live, can the smartkey be used by a thief to find your car to steal?

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