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Thread: Prius Smart Key

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    To my understanding, the

    To my understanding, the remote is programmed to the computer in the car, not the chip in the remote. correct?

    So, if that is true. if you have a remote with the same FCC_ID and IC number, the remote should be programmable to the computer in the car (i.e. Camry, Prius, ...etc as long as it is a smart key)

    the KEY words being having the correct FCC_ID and IC number.

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    This is per a Lexus website.

    This is per a Lexus website.

    if you are attempting to have the Dealer or Locksmith program USED remotes with the same FCC_ID, you need to have them use the mode: ALL KEYS LOST. The ADD KEY function will not work.

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    Unfortunately, programming a

    Unfortunately, programming a smart key into the car's computer requires propriatary software that only Toyota appears to have.

    Due to digital encryption, you cannot just enter a "number" into the car's computer.

    The car's computer has to be linked into a Toyota diagnostic computer of some type, in order to get the Toyota car to accept the "ID code" of the new/replacement smart key.

    Again, you are at Toyota's mercy as far as programming new/replacement smart keys into a Toyota product.

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    His is not correct. the key

    His is not correct. the key is locked to a specific car and cannot be paired to another vehile UNLESS it is un-paired from the original car. Simmilar to a "Performance Programer" for a car, once its married to a car it cannot be used on another car untill it is Un-married. Stupid as it is its true. SURE there may be a way to erase the existing memmory on the smart key, but it is something that you would have to figure out aftermaket, not able to do it at the dealer even if they wanted to... I work for a dealer BTW.

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    What is the process of

    What is the process of getting a new key? And how long does it take. I just lost mine and it's Saturday night everything is closed until Monday.

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    Hi all is any body in Hong

    Hi all is any body in Hong Kong buy one of this smart key from Ebay or esle where, does it work??

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    There is a lot of

    There is a lot of misinformation surrounding the Smart Key.

    Obviously, you would expect there to be sufficient protection in place to prevent your Prius from easily being stolen. Therefore, the Prius Smart Key uses various controls to prevent this.

    First, whenever a key is paired to a vehicle, the VEHICLE IDENTIFICATION NUMBER is burned into the key fob. This VID cannot be removed, there is NO PROCESS in place to remove it. A key can only be assigned to ONE (1) VID at a time. The VID is responsible for allowing the vehicle's SMART KEY ECU (Computer) to communicate solely with that particular key. The "plugged into the dash" functionality is a different computer (the immobilizer computer) which is easy to program.

    Therefore, most people will say the key is useless once it's been paired to another vehicle. It is possible to supplant the VID, but this is not a Toyota-approved method. We sell the service to our customers who are trying to get their cheap eBay keys to work.

    We do not recommend that you purchase eBay keys in an effort to save money, since most shops cannot get your car's VID into the used fob. Ultimately, they are successful only in making your key a "dumb key" -- where it needs to plug in.

    If you want more information, please visit our website. You can also see what we charge for prices. KEEP IN MIND, YOUR VEHICLE MUST BE PRESENT AT TIME OF PROGRAMMING. We cannot help anyone out via mail order. Sorry


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    Anyone lost a smart key in

    Anyone lost a smart key in the Hagerstown, MD area?

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    I've had a prius since 2005

    I've had a prius since 2005 and never had problems with the smartkey. However I upgraded to a 2010 model and one of the smartkeys keeps running out of battery within 2 wks time. I've been going through this for four months now and they replace the battery, 2 wks later I'm back again. Finally they've ordered a new one and they still insist that it's some sort of electronic interference and not the smartkey because they can detect any problems with it's electgronics. Does anyone out there have any comments regarding this issue?

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    hi. got it ! No used

    hi. got it ! No used keys..but am I safe in buying a new one on line ? and save at least $100? and will it be able to be programmed to my car ( Id bring to my dealer). Thanks..am scared to death to lose my other and now only set..

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