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Thread: Prius Smart Key

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    Prius Smart Key

    My wife lost one of the 2 smart keys that came with our 2006 Prius and I want to get it replaced without spending a small fortune. I bought one from a seller on e-Bay but a local Toyota dealer couldn't program the smart key to my Prius. The e-bay seller exchanged it for another one and this time I went to a different dealer, but they couldn't do it either. That dealer told me that the only way I could get any smart key programmed was if the remote had NEVER been programmed before. Does anyone know whether or not a used smart key can be reprogrammed or do I need to buy a brand new one? Thank you very much for your assistance.

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    I've been searching around a

    I've been searching around a bit on PriusChat. It looks like there are two issues: Its not difficult to reprogram a fob (unlocks the doors when you push a button). It is impossible to reprogram the smart keys (you touch the handle and the door unlocks).



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    I suspect it is a Toyota

    I suspect it is a Toyota safety/theft issue, they implemented. In a minute, I can reprogram my neighbor's garage door to accept my own remote. Then later go in when they aren't home without leaving a fingerprint, make off with whatever I want. Would be the same with cars if we could reprogram a car to accept another key fob.

    I just went through the same thing, the dealer said they tried, but the smart key fob, once used, cannot be reused, I suppose the dealer's intelligent software programmer device somehow knows (via checking a central database) whether a particular smart key's serial number of rfid identity has bee used once already, and disallows it for the above reasons. Because the smart fob itself is not programmed or altered in any way.

    So all these knotheads selling used smart keys on Ebay (you know, those idiots who work for auto dealer reconditioners and auction houses, who steal all the manuals and spare keys - it is a sideline business) are selling used smart keys they already know are worthless.

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    I am having the same problem

    I am having the same problem with a smartkey for a 2006 Prius that I purchased on Ebay. The local Toyata dealer informed me that the smartkey was programmed for another vehicle and that it can not be reprogrammed. I ended up buying a new key from Toyota. Fortunately, the seller was decent enough to take back the smartkey he had sold and return the money.
    If all the sellers know that the key can not be reprogrammed--Why are so many being sold on ebay.
    I wonder if Toyota is refusing to reprogram a used fob because they want to sell us new keys for >$200.

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    At the risk of shocking you.

    At the risk of shocking you. Toyota is LYING TO YOU in order to SELL YOU A NEW SMARTKEY.

    In the smartkey system, the key is NOT REPROGRAMMED!!!

    Each smart key has a totally unique, individual electronic identity. It is burned into the key when it is created in the factory, and can NEVER be changed or altered.

    The CAR'S COMPUTER is REPROGRAMMED to accept the new key's identity.
    There is no reason, one single key could not be programmed into a DOZEN cars at the same time.

    But then Toyota would not be able to sell you a $250 key.

    p.s.- I'm an electronics engineer.

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    Our dealership gave us only

    Our dealership gave us only one key when we purchased a certified used Prius and told us a second key would cost $350!

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    We lost one of our smart

    We lost one of our smart keys. Ebay was my source for the replacement. The first dealer refused to try saying the replacement fob could not be used. The second dealer made a valient attempt but only was able to get the new fob to work in the ignition. I had to plug the key into the dash receiver but the car would start and run but the doors would not open using the fob. At that point, I settled for that. I bought a new toyota key at the local key shop. That locked and unlocked the doors. I plug the fob in the dash and away I go. All this to say, it doesn't always work to buy a cheap fob and reprogram the the car.

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    RustyRu: Sounds like you got

    RustyRu: Sounds like you got the wrong type of smartkey. Some smart keys are designed to work ONLY as ignition keys, and to not transmit the longer range signal used to lock and unlock the doors. The door, and smartkey-in-the-pocket smartkeys have a small battery and transmitter that allow them to communicate to the car's computer from a distance of about 15'.

    The "in-the-dash" smart keys only have a passive transponder, and have an effective range of about 3". So they have to be inserted into the dashboard slot in order for the car's computer to sense the presence of the key.

    Stupid idea here: Did you find 4 tiny screws on the back of the smart key? It may be under the shell of the smart key, that slides off when the mechanical door key is removed. There is a watch-type battery inside, if it is a "true" smart key. See if the battery is just dead? Your smart key may not be able to transmit it's signal to the car, if the battery has gone dead.

    If there are no screws, and no battery compartment that is "user accessable", then you have an "in-the-dash-only" type smart key.

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    so far i know, either smart

    so far i know, either smart key and car's computer has its own 'ID'. once smart key ID registered into the (a) computer, the computer's ID would be registered into the smart key as well. and only a new computer (the new one) which is has no registered ID would able to delete and replace computer's ID registered in the smart key. so, if you have lost all of your smart key, it is necessery to replace the computer as well, but for some Toyota or Lexus models are not.

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    so far i know, either smart

    so far i know, either smart key and the vehicle has its own ID. once a smart key ID registered into the vehicle (vehicle's computer), the ID of the vehicle were registered to the smart key as well. and when there is an ID (of a vehicle) registered in the smart key, only a brand new computer (of the vehicle) that able to delete and replace the ID (of a vehicle) in the smart key. other words, a smart key only can used for one vehicle only. so if you want to use a smart key for more than one car, it is impossible.
    as a note, there are so many smart key sold on ebay, but for you to know, not every smart key will compatible with your car. because smart key works based on frequency, and the range of the frequency migh not the same with the frequency used by the car / vehicle.

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