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    2004 Civic Hybrid Transmission Leak

    My 2004 Civic Hybrid has a transmission leak and the dealer said it needs a transmission replacement, which will cost about $4000.

    That sounds like an excessive amount of money. Do transmission leak always require a transmission replacement? Is $4000 what I should expect?

    My car has 104,000 miles on it. I am reluctant to put that kind of money to fix it...


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    If they're saying the

    If they're saying the transmission need replacement, it's likely irreversable damage caused by low CVT fluid level that's necessitating transmission replacement, not just the leak itself. Still, that's a lot of money involved, take it to another dealership if possible, see what they're diagnosis is, and if they concur regarding transmission replacement, get a quote from them for comparison.

    BTW, is it driveable?

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