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    Vibrations at idle while in gear

    I've had this problem since I bought the car a year and half ago...just seeing if anyone else has had this. I notice it more in the winter since the car doesn't shut off at stoplights as much.

    Its not real violent but I have had 4 other Hondas (three Civics and a 98 Accord V6 that we still have) and none have had the shakes this much. Its when I am at a complete stop, but in Drive with engine running of course. If I put it in neutral it pretty much goes away.

    Its been to the dealer multiple times and they have basically told me it is normal and I am crazy. They did change the flywheel and all the engine mounts as a "courtesy" or whatever Honda calls that.

    I noticed it after they changed the starter clutches right after I bought the car used (at 87K miles) though that may not have been the cause, we just may not have noticed it as much since we hadn't had it that long.

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    Hi There, I have the exact

    Hi There, I have the exact same experience in the winter. I started noticing it in my 2nd winter of owning it, after I accidentally left an interior light on and drained the 12V battery and needed a boost.

    It usually happens when the car is partially warmed up and feels like the car can't decide whether to go into autostop or not becasue the idle moves up and down. I took mine into Honda as well (even took a video of the vibrating to show them) and they did not find anything wrong either. They even kept it over night so that one of the mechanics could drive it home and try to experience it himself and check fo errors. They said they could not reproduce it, and so could not do anything about it.

    I do what you and put it into neutral to get it to stop doing it, figure that vibrating can't be good for the engine or fuel consumption.

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