I have developed an odd cooling issue on my 2004 HCH (CVT with 108,000 miles). Still under my extended warranty but wanted to see if anyone has had a similar issue.

I have noticed on really cold days (under 20 F), when I drive the car from home to my carpool spot (about 4 miles away), the engine will warm up to 4 bars, sometimes up to the normal 6 bars, but when I sit and wait for my carpool buddy the temperature will go down, sometimes all the way down to the standard 2 bars. I also notice the heat getting to be lukewarm instead of the normal nice and toasty when this happens. Now once my car pool buddy comes and I get on the interstate it runs just fine at the normal 6 bars the whole 40 miles to work.

Took it to the dealer and they thought it was the thermostat so they replaced that but it is still doing it now.

I am wondering if this is a normal problem since the engines on these things are so small?