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Thread: Hybrid Haters!

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    Hybrid Haters!

    Bet there are a few of them on the forums, I'd like to know why you guys dislike hybrid technology so badly if you know its good for us... I want to see how active this thread becomes.


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    It is not that I (we) dislike Hybrids, great idea!

    They are just being "oversold" on driveability (particularly in the northern climates, ice, snow, etc).

    Also, beware of the dealers (at least our dealer), that use "scare" tactics about maintaining your Hybrid (Prius in this case). My wife "used" to take our in for routine maintenance, and she was always told that other maintnence need performed in order to "avoid problems down the road"! Of course each of these items was several hundred dollars and out of the norm of regular routine maintenance. Scare tactics if you will. I (male) started taking the car in when necessary and when actually questioned why something was being recommended the service guy quickly shut up!

    I think hybrids are good! I like the immediate benefits of the fuel mileage, I dread the thought of having say 100,000 miles on it and what it will take ($$$$$) to maintain it! Tire wear for instance is ATROCIOUS!! Well on second set at 50,000 miles.

    My candid opion is to save your money, buy a "standard" type compact car or such, and you will be many thousands of dollars ahead of the game!

    As far as feeling good about our "oil dependance" and "greenhouse gasses"? Candidly I think one bombing run in IRAQ consumes more oil/fossil fuel than ALL the oil saved by all the Hybrids. It is a matter of what really is effective in saving our planet!

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    With all due respect, I am a

    With all due respect, I am a hybrid automobile hater. I think as a science project it would be fun to experiment with. However, high fuel prices happens to be a scandal. I've got my reasons for feeling this way. Think back to the last presidential election. What happened when it looked more and more like Obama would win. The gas prices kept coming down. By the time it was all said and done, they were actually getting close to acceptable. When the oil tycoons saw that Obama would allow their greed, the fuel prices shot back up. If they could lower the price of fuel dramatically at the thought of a president who would not tolerate rediculously high gas prices, then they could lower them anyway.

    Global warming doesn't exist. Last winter was bitter cold all year in the south. This year is much of the same and we've already had some big snow accumlations. This planet has gone through these stages before. It goes from a warmer weather pattern like the one we're coming out of to a cooler weather pattern like the one we're going into. These changing weather patterns have been passed down through the generations. So why won't the government let this global warming deal go? Clearly, it doesn't exist. Don't believe me, you should have seen my hometown in the south the past few weeks and going outside for a cigarette last winter was almost more than I could stand.

    Finallly, I see hybrids as taking over much like fuel injection took over all those years ago. This hybrid thing won't be a choice but rather an affliction. I am a car enthusiast but my liking for them is for the older carbed engines without computers and goofy sensors that can shut a car down, even if it's mechancially sound. Back when cars and trucks were carbed and without computers, people could work on their automobile themselves if they couldn't afford an over priced mechanic. Fuel injection made that impossible. Getting them repaired by a mechanic is a nightmare as the wrong sensor is often replaced and the problem persists. Some of these sensors are expensive and some are not. The mechanic bill is always high. Just think of what that bill will be like with a hybrid. If they were offered to the people that wanted them and the auto manufacturers were not gearing up to make them the only type they produce, I wouldn't have a problem with it. I just don't apprecieate hybrids, fuel injection, or small engines being shoved down my throat. All I could ever afford to own is 4 cylinder vehicles and I'm tired of small engines. There need to be some V-8's and the fuel scandal needs to end as that's all it is.

    Finally, Cash for Clunkers made me madder than I've been in a long time. As I said, I am a car enthusiast. In the name of promoting hybrids, so many vehicles that others would have enjoyed are now gone. This is not right and should have never happened. These are my reasons for hating hybrids.

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