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    2010 Prius Engine Oil change 0W20 synthetic to 5W30 ?

    I just did the oil change and saw little sticker on the windshield and it says that they have changed the oil with 5W30. If you see the owners manual, they recommend to change to 0W20 synthetic.

    Is that going to be a problem?

    The dealer charged me for a synthetic and put regular 5w30.

    please help

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    Crazy Driver27, I would go

    Crazy Driver27,
    I would go back to the dealer and have them make things right as soon as possible.
    5w30 won't necessarily harm it, but it isn't the best.

    For all you know, just the sticker is wrong, and not the oil. I've done that before.

    Lastly, did your dealer inform you that the oil change interval for the 2010 is now every 10,000 miles. Yep, that's right, every 10,000. That is of course assuming that you are using the recommended 0w20 oil.

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    Are you sure it's 10,000

    Are you sure it's 10,000 miles? My manual says every 5,000. That message on the dash popped up right at 5,000 miles too.

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    I have recently went to a

    I have recently went to a place to change oil on my 2010 prius, they charged me 140 dollars because they said it needs special oil?? Before that I paid regular price of cca 65! Please I need to know the truth

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    I take my 2010 Prius to the

    I take my 2010 Prius to the dealer. They use the proper Mobil 1 oil and I get charged about a third of what you just said. They also use one of the best oil filters in the world, the Denso brand. They also get me in and out in about 30 minutes.

    Mobil 1 at Walmart or a parts store is maybe $5 or $6 a quart ... and the Prius uses less than 5 quarts. What did that shop do with the other $115 you paid?

    Stay away from that place you mentioned. If they think Mobil 1 is "special oil" then they haven't been out of the shop for about 40 years. They probably also didn't put your under-the-engine cover back on right either.

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    I received an update

    I received an update Maintenance Manual for my 2010 and stated that it is 10K miles between oil changes...basically because the engine does not idle when stopping.

    I buy the 0W/20 oil at the local auto store when it is on sale. I either:
    1) Do the oil change myself, or

    2) Use an oil coupon for $28 at a local shop and provide them the oil to put in. If I pay $5/quart, then it will cost me $50 to have a local shop do it.

    There are three local Toyota dealers around. They charge from $80 to $140 for an oil change with the 0W/20

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    A local oil change recently

    A local oil change recently wanted to charge $80+ for an oil change using synthetic motor oil(Valvoline)I did not do this as I was prepared to pay $19.95 qat this location as I did on my 2006 Prius.I had them use 5w20 as previous.They also stated that the oil needed to be changed at 4000 miles,whether regular or synthetic oil was used.
    I did see an ad from a synthetic oil mfg that guaranteed a 25000 mile oil change.

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    changing the oil every 5k

    changing the oil every 5k miles with synthetic oil is a good practice. synthetic oil keeps its lubricity longer than conventional oil, but it gets contaminated at the same rate. paying 80 plus for oil change is bad practice....lol

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    DEAR, I Have a 2011 prius

    I Have a 2011 prius car total millage is 9000km. I am shrilankan environment temperature 33 c. Can you pl acknowledge me, what is better engine oil 0w-30 or 10w-30. our Toyota in sri lanka says , they have 0w-30 or 10w-30. 10W-40


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