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    driving tips to optimize MPG

    I just bought a 2007 HCH with nav, and would like to understand any special tips or methods people have to optimize the MPG. I commute about 50 miles daily, 40% back roads / 40% highway / 20% city

    Thanks for any tips

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    Optimizing Fuel Economy

    Check out this posting. I read this through then tried some of the techniques. After a couple days and reading it again I've greatly increased my FE. It's comprehensive and interesting.


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    My Tips for Maximum MPG

    My advice is fairly straight forward. Drive below the posted speed limit by about 3-5 miles per hour. If on three lane each direction road, try to stay in middle lane; speeders can have left lane and exiting/oncoming traffic can have the right lane. Use cruise control to the maximum extent possible. When exiting from expressways, disengage cruise control and "coast". You will achieve 100MPG when coasting and recharge the IMA system. On upper dash set the instant fuel economy to be displayed, and occasionally check the temperature gauge. Pull away from lights slow and steady. Set tire pressure above the 32 PSI recommendation; how high is up to you (you suffer a stiffer ride). My tires are set at 34 PSI. Check tire pressure monthly. I drive 40% surface roads and 60% expressways. I live in San Antonio. I own a 2006 HCH w/o navigation. I am semi retired, so miles on car after one year of ownership is at 3,600 miles. Lifetime MPG is 47.5. One more thought-- when auto stop engages at stop light, try not to creep forward, as auto stop disengages at that point.

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    sbdrivingdotcom nailed it right on.

    Tarabell's article is currently the only compilation of HCH-II "know how" and peer reviewed technical wisdom that most Gen 2 Civic Hybrid owners should read in order to extract maximum fuel economy from their new car.

    It can't be said often enough, it is a must read!



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    Some ideas, in no particular order:

    1. Raise your tire pressures. Keep under the max on the tire sidewall, and inflate the fronts a bit more than the rear, for the extra weight. Maybe 38 front, 36 rear. The ride will be rougher, so adjust to your tastes.

    2. Someone above mentioned cruise control. I've found it detrimental to mileage to let the cruise control set my speed: I prefer to let speed fall off a bit on a short upgrade, rather than strictly adhere to a set speed.

    3. Keep your eye on that real time mileage gauge. Well not constantly, you need to keep an eye on the road . Often a slight lift-up on the gas pedal will improve your realtime mileage without your speed dropping.

    4. Avoid agressive acceleration, anticipate upcoming slow downs and red lights, drive smart. Stay around or below the speed limit.

    5. Don't use the transmission's Sport mode, except for steep up or downhill grades. It'll use more gas and lock out Auto-Stop.

    6. Don't use AC if you can avoid it.

    7. Consolidate trips.

    8. One little trick, doesn't really gain you anything, but feels cool: if you're at your destination, don't need to move the car anymore, and Auto-Stop has activated, turn the key to shut the engine off before shifting into park and setting the parking brake. This way the engine will not come back to life. It will if you shift to park first.

    A lot of this is old hat. But driving a hybrid and having the on-dash mileage gauges coupled with the old tips will improve your mileage. And it will vary. Mostly short trips in winter? Your mileage will suffer, but still be pretty good.

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    I have a 2009 Civic Hybrid

    I have a 2009 Civic Hybrid advertized to get 43 mpg and I'm only getting 28-30 mpg. I do mostly city driving, and I do the pulse and coast method when I drive ( I don't know if my husband does when he drives). Why does my gas mileage SUCK!!!???

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