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    Worth it to install new IMA battery at 140,000 miles?

    Our 2004 Honda Civic Hybrid with 140,000 miles has served us well but now we're told we need a new battery at a cost of $2,700. Before making this investment we're wondering what other major costs we should expect in the next 100,000 miles. How many more miles should we expect to get out of this car before needing a valve job, major motor rebuild, new transmissions or catalytic converter? Thanks.

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    As an Insight owner I can't

    As an Insight owner I can't speak to the longevity of a Civic Hybrid, but I can tell you that you can rebuild your battery for less than half that price.

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    Look at buying a battery

    Look at buying a battery pack from a junk yard.

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    >Look at buying a battery

    >Look at buying a battery pack from a junk yard.

    But recondition it before using it or it will fail in 9 months (+-2months)

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