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    Can I program the smart entry key of a toyota Prius to a corolla?

    Hi All,

    I have 2 spare toyota prius smart entry keys. It is possible to re-program them for my corolla-ultima? Is there any cross compatibility between toyota prius and toyota corolla's smary entry keys? If so how do I need to re program those keys for my corolla?

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    so far i know, it is

    so far i know, it is impossible.
    coz in the key, was saved the vehicle's id (prius), and when you try to register those key to your ultima, ultima wil unable to erase it.
    one thing you should do, erase the id in the key with procede the key erasure in your prius, then you can 'try' to register it to ultima.
    and for notice, not all the frekwency of a smart key may the same from one to other model of vehicle.

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    Go back to school and learn

    Go back to school and learn how to write.

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