I went to a dealer shop to get a passenger side rear mirror turning signal replaced. First, I was told to return because they had to order the part, but they put the passenger side door apart to find what was wrong. I went back and got new sigal LED but they droped the mirror and broke it and of course they put the right door apart again. I went back several days later and they put a new mirror. Everything seemd to be o.k until the passenger side window glass went out of its running rail. The wndow glass tilted forward. I went to the dealer again and they said they didn't do anything wrong and showed me a service bulletin about the same problem. They said that it was so common problem among honda civic that honda issued such a bulletin, and the manager put wd-40 (lubricant) to the running rail and I saw the window coming up without any problem. They said that I need to get new rolling regulators that move up the window, new window, and a new running rail, for which I had to pay $600 plus. I am not the mechanic. How can I prove that they damaged my car. Also, I wonder what a service bulletin really means? Someone wrotein this forum that a service bulletin provides a repair at no cost,which was not the case at the dealer shop.Maybe, I shouldn't have repalced the sigal led?