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Thread: Plug-In Prius

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    Plug-In Prius

    Toyota just announced the release of the Plug-In Prius. Available for lease only (probably limited quantities, in limited areas???) for the 2010 model year.

    And general sales of the Plug-In Pruis for the 2011 model year.

    Anybody have any further details?

    battery Kw-hr ratings? Charger configuration? Range/speed on electric only?

    Any other major changes to the Pruis design/configuration?

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    What I read today said a

    What I read today said a 14.5 EV range and recharge time of 2 hours at 110Volts, lithium ion battery, and the target price is around $33,000, about $10,000 more than the base Gen III Prius.

    14.5 mile range isn't impressive. But $33,000 is a better target than the Volt's $40,000 or the Leaf's $30,000 + battery lease.

    A 14.5 mile range isn't quite 1/3 of my commute. But assuming regen braking will still exist, I might be able to get my whole drive into work on all electric because it's all downhill.

    2013 might be a good year to trade in my wife's Scion.

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    Oh and gradual acceleration

    Oh and gradual acceleration it can go 60mph. But hard acceleration kicks in the ICE.

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    When the Prius is in motion

    When the Prius is in motion (not in neutral) and the gas engine is not running, is the gas engine always turning over?
    How is the gas engine stopped, turning off the fuel or ignition or both?

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