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    I want to tow a 137 lb. utility trailer with 4 bales of hay with my 2007 HCH. Why not??

    I'm told by Honda that it can't be done, that Honda doesn't make a trailer hitch for this car and that towing even small loads may damage the car. I see that the weight limit for passengers and luggage etc is 850 pounds, from the sticker on the door frame. The amount I would be towing, including the trailer, the hitch, the hay, and me (driving the car) with nothing else in it would be under 700 pounds and I only have to drive 15 miles with the trailer loaded. The road has hills in some places but not so steep that they're intimidating in any way. I've carried an equal amount of weight in the trunk and inside the car including me with no problems whatsoever, for 40 miles including the same 9 mile stretch of hilly road. (As much up as down and some flat.) There is next to no traffic on this road so it won't be dangerous to go 45 mph on the 65 mph road if need be, there are no traffic lights or stop signs. I have to turn left off the road & then I have 1/2 mile of dirt road with no traffic (so I can go as slow as I want or need to) before I get home. I would need to be doing this about 2 or 3 times a month, indefinitely. (Hay for horses, no truck!)

    Knowing all these particulars, I want to know if this is really something I absolutely should not do, (and I don't understand the logical difference between carrying the same amount of total weight behind the care vs inside the car) Assuming I can find an appropriate trailer hitch for my car. (Any ideas about that also?)

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    It could void the

    It could void the warranty,but many manufactures make a hitch for the hchii. It is mostly a CVT issue, more than anything else.


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