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    Intant economy Question

    Hello everyone
    I have a new 2010 FEH and a scangaugeII .One thing is bothering me:
    When I am stopped at a light or a stop the scangauge or the instant economy is at 9999 or HIGH .As soon as the car start moving it goes down to 0.0 or LOW. Same coming to a stop it shows 0 until the car comes to a stop then it goes up to 9999.
    Is there something I am missing in the set up?

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    First, make sure the type of

    First, make sure the type of fuel is set "HYBRID" and the speed of updates is "Fast" for the FEH. Check page 22 for the instructions at the SGII site Manual. The 9999 Instant reading is EV mode or fuel-cut. The Instant reading of 0.0 or LOW means the engine is running and your getting 0 or low MPG because of your speed while the engine is running. You can learn a lot of information with the Instant MPG and I monitor it as one of the 4 gauges constantly.

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