A Toyota Hybrid is great way to express caring to our Earth.

However, the higher models only come in LEATHER.


Put pressure on Toyota to offer NON-LEATHER Prii!

LEATHER IS EXTREMELY NOT ECO. Takes tremendous amounts of water, fuel, food, land, energy, waste and pollution to grow cows for food and leather. Believe it or not, Eco-wise you are actually better off being a Vegan Hummer driver than an omnivorous Prius driver. I WANT MY HIGH END NON-LEATHER PIRUS. And I am NOT alone. Ed Begley is a Vegan too.

LEATHER IS TOXIC. Leather needs to have toxic chemicals added to it to prevent it from breaking down into compost. Leather workers have the highest incidence of prostate cancer. The chemically sensitive can not sit in leather cars without getting sick.

LEATHER IS NOT HIGH END. IT IS UNCOMFORTABLE TO MOST. The majority of people prefer soft cushy fabric to leather. Leather is HOT in summer, COLD in winter, not soft like high quality fabric, and your stuff slides around on it. Also less durable. Why sit on a chemically laden dead cow skin when you could sit on teddy-bear like fabric!

LEATHER IS CRUEL. Anyone person with morals who has seen the unfathomable cruelty that cows go through before and during the removal of their skin (leather) would never buy or wear leather again! It will make you sick and want to do something about it!

Leather has a perceived "thing" to it. Most high-end cars come with it as standard equipment. This is due to impression, NOT preference. Honda FCX Clarity comes with Bio plant fabric. However, only a few hundred are available. Honda Insight comes withOUT leather but not a Prius. Prius currently clearly best choice for obtainable hybrid car. Let us hard-core eco-ethical-moral people have high-end Prius IV and V's with interior that are consistent with the otherwise eco nature of a Prius.

Toyota, you do so much right. Please show that you truly care about the environment, health, compassion, and your customers. Do the right thing and axe leather from any Hybrid car. Offer it as a build to order option if you think you really must (no Prius driver will miss leather - they will appreciate the better seats and lower price). You could even make MORE profit on the non-leather Prii.

Also, you could advertise that you have NON-leather seats for the reasons I mentioned. Use it as a sales tool. We offer more comfy seats, we care, we are TOYOTA! Hear us Roar! Talk about GREAT Public Relations! This would make you look SO GOOD!

Thank you.


Jameth Sheridan