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    modulator hybrid valve

    My service brake sensor went on; I took my MMH in and had the brakes serviced; and the sensor was still on; after diagnostics, it was determined that my modulator hybrid valve needed to be replaced.
    I lost it when I was told $4,690.00 because it was not covered under the Unique Hybrid Component warranty! Any advice?

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    The ABS control unit lists

    The ABS control unit lists for $3700.00, is that what your calling a modulator hybrid valve? The Hydraulic Control Unit cannot be replaced separately and they have to be configured when replaced. Have they tried to reconfigure the unit you have first? I got a ABS warning when my PCM had to be reflashed. The Tech said he reprogrammed the ABS at the same time of the repair. No problems for 30,000 miles after.

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