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    -32C and a dead battery

    It has been VERY cold these past few weeks, and I think my battery in my 2008 HCH finally gave out. Went to start it this morning and there was no response. Had it plugged in, but I guess it didn't help . I am going to call Honda Plus after work today to have it boosted, but want to check whether there is anything specific about boosting the HCH in comparison to a regular car. Thanks for your help.

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    Hi Peggy; Because of its

    Hi Peggy;

    Because of its role and small size, the 12V battery on the HCH is very sensitive to cold weather. Every car and battery is susceptible to this loss of capacity in the kinds of weather we've been having (-30 and lower), but the HCH can be hard hit if it is not driven long enough distances to replenish its charge.

    I suggest a battery warmer that will go to work whenever the block heater is plugged in. These battery heaters can cost around $40-$50 and can help a bit.

    The other thing I suggest is looking into any of the following:
    - An external battery charger/booster that you plug into the battery once in a while (I have one just in case because 12V batteries don't last forever)
    - A small solar panel that will charge the battery even on cloudy days while left parked (I got one in each of my hybrids).
    - A device called "ScanGauge" that will display the battery voltage and as soon as the voltage dips below 12V you just plug it into an external charger/booster. I have one of these in each car too.

    There's nothing really unusual about charging/boosting the 12V battery on your HCH when compared to any other car.
    Just be careful when boosting other cars with your HCH. Boosting another small hybrid is OK but boosting anything larger is not a good idea.



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    Thanks MSantos. HondaPlus

    Thanks MSantos. HondaPlus sent out a towtruck and he gave me a boost. Looks there was a reading lamp left on too (oops!) and in the cold weather, the battery drained pretty quickly.

    Took the car out for a drive for 45 mins. The SoC of the battery started at 2 bars, and after a few blocks went up to almost full charge for the entire drive. It did not fluctuate at all during the whole drive, which seems unusual. Also, the 45 min drive warmed the engine well, but autostop did not kick in once the whole time. Is there a problem with the autostop and/or NiMH battery?

    Found a thread from a year ago about a drained battery and charging the battery with a battery charger was suggested. Can you provide more info on exactly what type of charger I should be looking for and how to hook this up (when it comes to things under the hood, I am a complete novice).

    Also, radio codes need reentering. I have the code, but how do I enter this?

    Thanks for the input!

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    Hi Peggy. The SoC will fall

    Hi Peggy.

    The SoC will fall to zero pips whenever the 12V battery is widthdrawn. So that behavior is expected.

    Regardless of how well the engine warms up, the Autostop will be suppressed for temperatures below -18C.

    Please see the charts in the following link for details:

    This may also help:

    An automotive battery charger can be bought at any Canadian Tire or Walmart. You'll find them in the automotive sections.

    Check the little glass window on the battery to see if its needs charge. If according to the Legend it needs to be charged then just plug the charger's red cable to the red positive pole on the battery and the black cable to any part of the car's frame that has exposed metal (ground). The support for the front hood rod is one of those ground points you can connect the black charger cable to.
    Then just leave the charger on and connected until the little glass window on the battery shows a color that indicates "charged".

    The radio codes should be entered by pressing the appropriate radio buttons corresponding to each digit. As soon as the correct sequence is entered the radio and the CD functions should become available.



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    Regardless of the weather, a

    Regardless of the weather, a couple of reading lights will kill your regular battery, overnight:


    I manage to get ours to recover by charging with a 6 amp auto charger overnight for about 3 nights. By the end of all that the indicator window showed the proper blue ring and red dot. Check yours. I would suspect with yours the indicator window is still just still just showing clear (no colors), depending on how deeply it was depleted.

    Chargers of that sort are about $40~50. They will slowly reduce the charge as the battery recovers.

    Editted Jan 10/09: reworded last sentence of second paragraph, to (hopefully) be a little clearer.



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    MSantos, I have been pouring


    I have been pouring over these posts trying to find something similar to my situation and I think this is it. The thing is, I experienced a dead battery in temps around 5-10 degrees celc. So I did not think that this was "extreme cold", but it was raining for a day or two as well. But the other factor in this situation is that my drive to my weekend part-time job is only about 3 or 4 miles. I had a dead battery when I came out from work on Saturday and when I left for work Sunday. I have not experienced any battery death since, but my drive to school during the week is 25 miles and the temperature has gone up significantly. Do you think that my problem was mainly due to not driving enough to charge the battery after its exposure to some cold temps?

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    What year is is yours? 12

    What year is is yours? 12 volt batteries will never last forever: 4~5 years is a good run. Any inadvertant left on reading lights will nearly kill it, overnight. Headlights left on will kill it in much less time.

    The simplest and most expedient fix is to just replaced the 12 volt battery. That's the method that many cops and emergency vehicle people follow. 12 volt batteries are treated like any other "expendable", a maintenance item like wiper blades, engine oil etc. They replace the battery say every two years, regardless of it's status.

    That's a bit extreme for the average driver, but I'm just saying: they don't last forever, and if it is near failure, replacement might be best course. You can get the dealership or a third party to perform a "load test", before making a decision whether recharge or replacement is best.

    Read up the page regarding my experience. I've managed to revive ours *three* times now (with multiple overnight chargings with an "auto" 6 amp charger), and it's nearing four years since new. Hmm, maybe I should follow my own advice and replace now. Still, it's currently showing normal condition in the indicator window, so I'm just keeping a close eye on it.

    Anyway, for starters, check the indicator window: the small/round/clear plastic window on top of battery. If normal it will show red dot and blue surrounding circle (it's explained on a sticker on the battery). If it's in need of charging the blue ring will have turned clear.

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    How do you connect the small

    How do you connect the small solar panel to charge the 12v battery. can you please supply some details please. Thanks.

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    Hello everyone- I might be

    Hello everyone-
    I might be having a similar problem, but I'm not sure. I purchased my HCH in March of this year ('09) and it now has 6,000 miles. This is my first winter with the car and I notice every morning when I start the car, and drive down the road for about 1/4 mile, the large 20hp battery charge suddenly drops to one or two bars and goes into forced recharge mode with only one or two bars, maybe three at most. Then suddenly, within two or three minutes, the battery charge is at 100%. This had happened once when the weather first got really cold but now has suddenly happend every single morning for the past two weeks! I don't think this is normal! What is going on? Does anyone have any feedback?

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