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    Hi, Since I am in a similar

    Hi, Since I am in a similar situation as "Richard", I am interested in information on battery repair for my 2003 Civic Hybrid. Geoff

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    Have a 2003 civic hybrid.

    Have a 2003 civic hybrid. Ima light just came on and dealership says to replace. I'm going to choose to run the car without replacing. Will the car function without an IMA functioning batter? Has anyone had success doing this?

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    I have a 2003 honda hybrid

    I have a 2003 honda hybrid with code p1449. Sept. 2011 I had the computer upgrade after things got crazy. Now Ima light on the charger seems to over charge? Ima system has Shut down twice no charge no battery then started working again what is going on? Dealer is no help they say need new battery... But everything was fine until the up-grade . Can anyone help Thanks Gary

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    Hello, Can you tell me more

    Can you tell me more about replacing the IMA battery for a reasonable price? My IMA light went on this week.

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    I am looking into purchasing

    I am looking into purchasing a 2003-2005 HCH but do have some concerns after reading up on these post. The reason why i am looking to purchase this car is because i am aware of how reliable hondas are and our family has purchased them and had them for 20+ years with no major work needing to be done. Anyways, I travel from Allentown, PA to Pittsbrg, PA every weekend and with the prices of gas est. to be about $5 a gallon, i need to invest in every and any way i can save a dollar or two. So i heard and read good things about the hybrid but am concerned about purchasing a used one and something crazy happening with the battery. Can anyone provide me some good tips as to what i should be looking for prior to purchase of a HCH? Can anyone recommend a place around here or in neighboring states that do repairs on these types of batteries to where maybe i can look into setting up a plan B just in case? also does anyone know the warranty for these batteries for cars registered/purchased in PA???? Thank you!!!
    Email: SiaLinda@live.com

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    If these posts tell you

    If these posts tell you anything -- DO NOT get a Civic Hybrid. I am a Honda fan, but Honda has failed me time and time again with our Civic Hybrid. It's one of the worst cases of corporate "hide the rabbit" I've ever heard of. Plain and simple, the battery pack was a defective design from the get-go, so to protect their rear, Honda has us all come in to get a software "upgrade" that turns our MPG to crap and we still get a battery pack failure sooner or later.

    If you want good mileage, get a regular Civic or some other brand altogether. Hybrid -- at least what Honda is doing -- is not quite there yet if one of the reasons you come to Honda in the first place is because of their generally reliable nature.

    If, on the other hand, if telling the world how concerned you are with the environment is important, go ahead and buy a Civic Hybrid and keep your fingers crossed. My son is the smart one, he bought a VW TDI and gets 60 mph all the time no matter how he drives and doesn't get the joy of seeing the service department until he's ready to change the oil.

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    hello, i saw your post

    hello, i saw your post stating that you can have IMA battery replaced or repaired for a reasonable price. i have 06 civic with 136000 km and the battery is already acting up. i live in canada if that matters. thanks.

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    I have an 03 HCH with

    I have an 03 HCH with 126,000 mi. IMA light is on. Dealer says to replace. Where can I have the individual cells checked and replaced if necessary?

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    Pat, do a google for "hybrid

    Pat, do a google for "hybrid battery repair". Those guys seem to do a lot of business . I also mentioned that in the other post. If you are bit of a do it yourself kind of guy, there are also folks who have had decent luck "grid charging" their IMA batteries. This is essentially a way to get the "bad cells" fully charged to extend the life of the battery. Google "grid charging" 99mpg.

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    Where and how can I repair

    Where and how can I repair my Hybrid Battery

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