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    Have 2005 Honda Accord

    Have 2005 Honda Accord Hybrid.

    what's the scoop on a reasonable repair price ?

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    yes i will like iformation

    yes i will like iformation on fix this battery please caontac me

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    i have a 2003 honda acor i

    i have a 2003 honda acor i bring the car for a recall on ray price honda pa the dealer was supose to fix the code for the catalitic and i end up with the problem with the battery i call them they dint want to help me at all they di not what was happening with my car that was i was toll and now my battery is not working the car was working perfec befor this recal wash for this im tinking they doing this so we can buy new car

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    I have a 2006 that is

    I have a 2006 that is recalibrating every time I step on the gas moderately to pass, go up a hill, or merge onto a freeway. Any time I do more than hypermile it regens. I'm in California and just bought it used with 100,600 mile on the clock.

    The problem is, it's not throwing any codes so how can I make a case.

    It gets about 35mpg driving normal to easy. I'm trying real hard on my second tank of gas and it's getting about 42mpg part highway but mostly city streets.

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    I just drove another 100 or

    I just drove another 100 or so miles keeping it at 60mph or less and increased the mileage to 46.3mpg per the cars computer.

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    I would like to get some

    I would like to get some info on your case, I'm afraid I might be facing the same situation. Thank you so much.
    424 744 9600

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    Hi- I'm looking at buying a

    Hi- I'm looking at buying a 2004 Honda Insight. It has 110k miles and the IMA batteries were replaced (for free by Honda) a couple months ago.
    * Does anyone know if the batteries are different for this model and year?
    * Is there a VIN look up that tells what warrantee is available for a specific car?
    Thanks for any advice.

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    id like more info on

    id like more info on rebuilding my battery.

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    2003 Honda Civic Hybrid

    2003 Honda Civic Hybrid purchased in July 2002, original owner in MA, 100,200 miles. I was just told by the dealer the IMA battery needs to be replaced at the cost of $2,700.
    The warranty booklet states the warranty is 8yrs/80,000. A post by erickbeck above states the warranty is 10yrs/150K miles. Where can I find out if the 10/150K warranty applies to my car? I called the American Honda and they insist the warranty, in my case, is 8/80,000.

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    The 10 year / 150,000 mile

    The 10 year / 150,000 mile warranty is only for California models of Civic Hybrids (KL, not KA models).

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