The Dealer's mechanic was evidently able to shut off the IMA light when I went in yesterday and go the bad news that my hybrid battery was deteriorating. The engine malfunction indicator didn't shut off, or at least did not stay off. As I just posted previously, the price they want to fix it is a steep 4200. And from one they told me I may not be able to drive and ignore it for any length of time. But that said....50 miles and a commute to work and back later, and both lights are now off. What's up? I would feel guilty about running off to some other car lot and trying to now trade it like nothing was wrong. How good are the diagnostics the dealer did? Could it have been a loose something? They were so quick to say it would cost so much to fix. And they have you over a barrel. Who can I bring it to that I can trust? I live in Orlando Florida.