I have a 2003 Civic hybrid, the IMA light came on. On the way to the dealer, the engine light came on. The dealer diagnosed it as needing IMA battery replacement. Our dealer said our 2003 car is not covered (104k mileage, NY state). Called American Honda, they said it's not covered based on the VIN #. But several postings I've read so far said it should be covered, including one dealer who said it should be covered but he'd look into it. Where can I find this 10yr/150k warranty? I did find the write-up in the AM Honda website under "frequently asked questions ~ faq on Honda Hybrid" but the dealer argues that this is for 2010. However, the "faq" did not specifically say the warranty is for 2010. Do I have a chance of getting the warranty. I thing $4000 to get a battery replacement on a $6000 book value of a car is outrageous, considering the battery only cost $1200 to manufacture. Any suggestions/recommendations on what should do at this point?