BACKGROUND: I took delivery on a 2006 Civic Hybrid in October 2006. I Live in San Antonio, TX. Odometer reads about 16,500. Lifetime MPG is 52MPG.


1. Obviously this is a low mileage Hybrid. About mid July of this year, I noticed the IMA SOC indicator beginning to perform some wild fluctuatiions, that I had never observed until then. SOC would be at one bar and then after five minutes of driving it rose to full SOC of 10 bars. Then it would go back to one to three bars of SOC. I ignored for awhile. One day the car would barely start. In Late July I took to the dealer. The inspection revealed no problems.

2. I had to take a long business trip to Kansas (1,700 miles). Car performed fine; in fact MPG for the trip was 58.97MPG.

3. On 8 Oct 09, the check IMA and check engine lamps illuminated. Took the car into dealer. Diagnosis result was need a need IMA battery. American Honda said check this software fix to see if codes clear. No such luck. Dealer ordered a replacement IMA battery, which was installed today.

4. Diagnosis codes were 1181H5, 118500, and 823505. Part installed was an IMA battery part # 1D100-RMX-305RM U2909515.

5. Passing this information on due to lots of "chatter" in this forum on IMA batteries. All appears to be fine with my car right now. Will post comments in the future, if something changes.

6. Dealer told me if work was not under warranty, cost would have been $3,500. I asked how many IMA batteries has American Honda replaced; answer appears to be this is proprietary information. Dealer reports that they have replaced about one to two IMA batteries per year in the last four years. That replacement includes original Insight, Civic hybrids, and Accord Hybrids.