Yesterday I had my first HV battery reconditioning by the computer and thought it might be interesting to understand what happens during this process. The first sign was the FEH was hard to get into EV but would go after a mile or so with the engine running. A restart of the engine before the battery was drained to its lower limits continued to happen. After a few miles of this strange behavior and the battery had a full charge of 51% SoC the supper charge began by MG1. I could get additional Regen by MG2 up to 60% SoC but all regen stopped at that point and the brake pads only was used to slow the FEH. Again, after 51% SoC the FEH would not go EV at all and my mileage continued to drop down. Using the cruise control at a steady state speed at 40mph seemed to give me the best MPG possible while MG1 continued to raise the SoC level above 60%. I noticed the lack of Assist by MG2 during this time so both Assist and Regen seemed to be eliminated as the reconditioning process continued above 60% SoC. I headed for a road that had about 3 miles of roundabouts where I could burn off the battery in EV without stopping. I made it to the roundabout stretch of road before the battery peaked at the highest charge of 95% SoC. My tank MPG average with about 100 miles was at 59mpg on the Nav Sys but by the time the battery peaked I had dropped to 55mpg. I was right where I wanted to be to test how many miles I could go in EV with a 95% SoC and sure enough I dropped into EV and began the test with a reset of the SGII Current Trip. For some reason EV was short lived with a restart after about 1/4 mile. I think the battery or MG2 was hot because after the engine ran for about another 1/4 mile I went EV again. I kept the speed between 25 - 35mph as I reached the end roundabout and then traced another return on the three mile stretch of that road with a total of three roundabouts. I had about a total of three or four restarts out of EV but I managed a 2.4 mile stretch in EV only before a restart one time before the battery got near an automatic restart SoC level.

The timing of this reconditioning was strange because I just answered a FFH poster's question that morning on Blueoval that was having this strange behavior and thought there was something wrong with the computer. A battery reconditioning was on my mind already so it was a good time to document and test a few things during the process.