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    Sound System Volume control has a mind of it's own - 2006

    This is an intermittent problem. So will be hard to get the dealer to look at it unless I have some other corroborating stories....

    With the radio on, the volume changes by itself. Sometimes only one or two levels at a time. Other times major changes. Today it jumped from 25 to 45. I turned it back down to 25 and then it dropped to 0. When this is happening, the volume control knob on the dash has no effect, I can only adjust it with the steering wheel controls. Seems to be normal for the first 15-20 minutes of my commute, then I fight with it for half an hour or more, then it goes back to normal again. These changes are not related to speed - they can happen at 65 mph or at 0 mph. Turning the automatic volume control (or whatever it's called) off or on has no effect.

    Anyone else having the same problem? Has anyone been able to get it fixed? Or do I need to call Ghost-busters?

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    I'm pretty sure you got a

    I'm pretty sure you got a short in the control knob. It happens to almost all my desktop radios after they reach a certain age. If it's under warrenty, I'd take it in and make them observe it and replace it. It will only get worse.

    BTW, I bet if you just tapped the knob, you could make the volume jump around.

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