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    The issue that started this

    The issue that started this thread has to do with 2009's and it seems to be a common occurrence with 2009 AFTER the upgrade. My car used to avg. 40 to 40.5 mpg easy, now it consistently averages 36 to 37. Honda first said I needed to change the Air filter and the tires, did all that, did not change the mileage. The power issue and the mileage changed AFTER the update. So that is why this is called "The update that broke my car." Honda refuses to take responsibility for something they have messed up and hopefully it doesn't take someone dying because they have to pull out into freeway traffic and the car will only go 20 miles an hour with it floored. My car had great pick up and great mileage, I loved the car I bought. Now I have a car that is NOT THE CAR I PURCHASED, and Honda won't do anything. They are the ones that ruined it. People ask me all the time how I like my Hybrid, I tell them I used to love it, Honda ruined it, would never by one again. Thought about putting a sign in the window to warn people about buying a Honda Hybrid, or even a Honda at all from a company that treats its customers like this. You want a Hybrid, buy a Toyota.
    So if you have other years and haven't had problems, good for you, we are dealing with the 2009 and the lack of Honda to stand behind it's cars and the things THEY DO TO RUIN THEM!

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    wait.... you can't escape

    wait.... you can't escape their awful engineering.

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