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    My 2007 Altima Hybrid often

    My 2007 Altima Hybrid often will not start up, even with new battery in the key fob. The accessories come on, but the car won't go. What is wrong? Yes, I have my foot on the brake.

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    We are having the same

    We are having the same problems with out 2007 Nissan Altima Hybrid. The car wont turn over. We replaced the battery and even a fuse in the car. The lights, a/c, radio, etc work just fine, but the car wont turn over. Any ideas?

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    Sometimes the fob buttons

    Sometimes the fob buttons get pressed by other things in your pocket, change, ect. Happens to me every once in a while. Wish they made a fob button cover.

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    The Nissan Altima Hybrid is

    The Nissan Altima Hybrid is a midsize sedan that offers 5-passenger all the style, comfort and technology with the gasoline version, but with benefits in fuel economy and reduced emissions. In September 2002, Nissan and Toyota signed a basic agreement in which Nissan will supply components to Toyota Hybrid System (transaxle, inverter, battery and control unit) allowing Nissan to produce 100,000 hybrid vehicles within five years. Nissan will supply gasoline and electric motor means that the Altima hybrid will lead very different from the Toyota Prius.

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    Do you have a blue tooth

    Do you have a blue tooth device? I am having the same problem and suspect that my blue tooth is interferring with the car starting! been very frustrating!

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    I had the same problem... It

    I had the same problem... It was the "Brake Switch Assy"

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    We have a 2005 Nissan Murano

    We have a 2005 Nissan Murano with the Intelligent Key and the Convenience Door Switches and we have never once come upon the car unlocked when we had locked it. As for the Intelligence Key, its absence is not going to disable the vehicle for safety reasons, but the vehicle will emit a series of loud and rapid beeps, the specific pattern of which seems to change intermittently with every instance.

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    Im haviing a worse trouble,

    Im haviing a worse trouble, the key light on my altima its went on like 5 houes ago while driving back from L.A. to Phoenix, when i got home the car wont turn off, its bennn 2 hours since i got home and the car wont turn off... can someboody help me im hoping the gas will tun out or somethingg HELPPP

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    My 2007 Altima Hybrid has

    My 2007 Altima Hybrid has the recurring issue of accessories working, but engine not starting (several times every winter or any time I don't drive it for a week). It happened again last week and then I also got the key warning light. Dealer said both fob batteries were dead. These seem to be multiple symptoms of an underlying cause. I'll ask the dealership about the Brake Switch Assembly. It does seem related to the brake. When I brake, the dash lights go off, unable to start. When I don't brake, accessories come on just fine.

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    i have 2007 altima with i

    i have 2007 altima with i key and my key is in car, but on the dash is reading ...no key and it will not start...help!!!

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