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    Nissan Altima Hybrid and the "Intelligent" Key

    I recently purchased an '09 NAH and have the following questions regarding the "intelligent key" aka keyless ignition.

    1) How far can a person drive the car without the intelligent key in the actual car? I went and visited a relative and they wanted to take my NAH for a spin, so I said sure and they got behind the wheel and went down the road (about a block) and then came back. I realized after the fact that I had the intelligent key in my pocket the whole time and the car kept driving. How could that be? I thought the the intelligent key had to be in the car during it's entire operation time (or when it's being driven, etc).

    2) Have you ever gone and locked the car (by pressing the black button on the drivers door handle), had the car "double-beep" to confirm that it's locked, and then come back later to find the doors unlocked? I've had it happen a couple of times and can't figure out why it's occurring. I know that the car's locked but when I come back to it (even an hour or two later), it's unlocked.

    Appreciate any feedback on the above.


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    Mano megstamiausios knygos paaugliams

    Visos geros knygos panašios tuo, kad butinai padaro skaitanciojo nora mastyti apie tai, kas idealu, gražu, naudinga skaitantiems žmonems.
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    Raiškus skaitymas – štai geriausias mokymasis. Sekti didžio žmogaus mintis – visu nuostabiausias mokslas.

    Knygos – tai proto vaikai.

    Žmogus, turintis rankose vertinga knyga suvokimo etapas, kilimas nuo nemokejimo prie žinojimo, nuo neišsamaus žinojimo prie išsamesnio, kilimas, kuris neturi liautis, nes galaktika neišsemiamas.

    Visada gražiau nedaug, bet gerai, negu daug, bet blogai. Tas pat ir su knygom.
    Talentingas – kuris žino reikalingus daiktus, o ne daugeli.
    Žmogu išsilavinusi daro tik jo paties sielos darbas, kitaip sakant, intelektualus apgalvojimas, išgyvenimas, pajutimas visko, ka sužino iš kitu giminaiciu arba iš knygu.

    Knygos lavina siela, pakelia ir daro stipriu žmogu, žadina geriausius troškimus, ugdo prota ir sušildo siela.

    Gražaus ir idealaus visiems ateinancio skaitymo!

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    Achmed, Gunnar, Inog and Fraser Maldives

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