One interesting thing..

In Canada, the '09 NAH comes with the basic stereo system (am/fm, single CD)...the Canadian NAH doesn't have the stereo version avaialable that you guys get in the states (with the satellite radio/6 pack cd changer, etc) ! I spoke to one aftermarket part supplier (who does mod's to cars), and he claims that the electrical hook-ups are different between the base system and the enhanced "BOSE" system and that you can't replace the basic system with the Nissan BOSE system because it won't hook up.

Can anyone tell me if they've upgraded their NAH stereo? I would like to know what some options are. I spoke to some auto car stereo places and they've told me that once you replace the deck, you have to add in another piece to have the steering wheel audio works as well. Has anyone replaced the basic stereo with the upgraded Nissan BOSE system?

I'm quite disappointed that in an '09 car, they don't even have satellite radio available across the board. Friends of mine purchased an '09 Hyundai Santa Fe (suv) and it came with satellite radio from the factory!

Appreciate any feedback as the basic stereo is gutless. I've been told that it's made by Clarion. What choices do I have? What have others done?