I live in Edmonton, Alberta Canada and just purchased a new 2009 Altima Hybrid and have two questions:

1) In the trunk, under the carpet, there are the outlines for where the jack and wheel wrench are kept. In addition, there is a cutout for a towhook that is used to screw into the front right hand bumper (should you ever become stuck and have to be pulled out).

I went through my car and it's missing the screw-in tow hook. I contacted my dealer and he told me that no cars come with this tow hook. I replied back (via email), that it's clearly shown on page 6-14 of the owners manual. I went into the dealership and the salesman even said that he can't get it through parts/service. Can anyone out there (who owns an '09 NAH), tell me if their car comes with this tow hook. If not, how did they go about getting it? (Why would a mfg. put something in their manual if they don't supply the part that goes with it???).

2) Gas mileage....I'm still on my first tank of gas and am kind of wondering about the mileage. In Canada, everything is in kilometers. When I left the dealership, the "range" showed 605 km. I'm down to almost 1/2 tank of gas and the range is showing 575 km. I keep running the numbers in my head and I'm not looking at very good mileage (for a hybrid). I owned an '06 Altima 2.5 and the mileage on my hybrid seems very similar to my '06.

Does the mileage get better on the hybrd. I only have about 250km on the car, but it's through almost 1/2 tank of gas and am wondering. It's been mostly city driving with about 50km of the 250 being on highway. Just a sidenote 1.6km = 1 mile.

Appreciate any feedback on the above.