I am so frustrated, any help would be greatly appreciated!
This past Wednesday, I was driving home and my car's Brake, ABS and IMA lights came on. I took it to a Honda dealer and was told the car needed a software update, which was done and all of the lights disappeared. On the way home Friday, the IMA light came back on. Attempted to take it to the dealer Monday, but the car was completely dead. I was able to jump it and all of the above warning lights came back on. Went out to the car Tuesday morning, jumped it and all three lights were on. However, the hybrid battery gauge was down to zero, I would have had to drive it 40 miles to the dealership and did not feel comfortable doing so, therefore, I had it towed to the dealership. I just received a call from the dealership saying the AC Compressor Clutch Relay killed the battery, which they say explains why the hybrid battery was at zero this morning. They claim they are not getting any battery deterioration codes. How could the AC Compressor Clutch Relay cause all of these problems? The dealership is telling me that the problems they found today could have caused all of the warning lights to come on-I am not very knowledgable of cars, but this makes no sense! My car is a 03 HCH with 103K miles - it is under warranty until 105K miles. I would really appreciate any help!!