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    I got my 2009 HCH this

    I got my 2009 HCH this April and have not had a problem with it until the last 2 wks.. I have been trying to find out why the battery level indicator is going up and down. I did my own little test and i thought i found out what was using up the battery, but then on another day it was different things. I e- mailed the dealer but he only called once. When i was not home. He could have e-mailed me. So, i guess it's time to call. It only has 12,000 miles on it. It has also gone from having around the middle 40"s in mpgs to , the last fill was 37 mpgs. I hope i am not in the same boat as you all. It will be the last time i get
    a Honda . We have 3 in the driveway now. One is a 2004 Civic, i have no problem with.
    I also needed a replacement drivers window, about 3 months after i bought it. GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE

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    Our 2007 HCH has never

    Our 2007 HCH has never gotten the MPG's I had expected. I didn't think it would get 49 like the sticker said, but was hoping for 40. It has pretty much been around 35-36 for the majority of the time we've had it. Problem is, the auto stop has seemed to quit working, at least most of the time. Just when I think it's complete gone, it will work a couple of times.

    I have never had the heat problem with the battery like many of you. Down here in Atlanta, so I would think I would.

    Has anyone heard anything about the HCH class action settlement? It is only for original owners, but from what I was sent, it seems to be related to the lousy fuel economy everyone is getting from their HCH.

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    I am having the same problem

    I am having the same problem with my 09 hch. Down to 29 mpg but no ima light. dealer won't do a damn thing about it neither will honda. STAY AWAY FROM THIS CAR!!!

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    I have a 2006 civic hrybrid

    I have a 2006 civic hrybrid andI started having this issue in the summer of 08. The temp here easly gets to over 105-108. Honda would not do anything about it when I took it in. Finally a few months ago the IMA, Battery and Check engine lights came on. I took it to the local dealer 6 times and they kept jerking me around saying it was a loose battery cable. I finally took it to another dealer and they found the IMA battery failed. I am guessing that the heat killed the battery. I have 83,000 miles on the car but since I live in California my battery is covered up to 150,000 miles. If you do not live in California keep a close eye on the your batteries since not every state covers them up to 150,000 miles. The cost of the battery is $2,200 not including the labor costs.

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    Oh geesh - I don't have the

    Oh geesh - I don't have the IMA light yet, but my check engine light came on and the fuel economy plummeted to 37. I bought my 06 Hybrid in spring of 08 and I got used by the dealership when I bought it and now feel used by Honda. It will be the LAST hybrid and the LAST Honda I ever own. Shame because I had a 93 Civic I loved dearly and when I traded it at more than 100k the only problem was the bad a/c unit. I can't wait to get out of this piece of crap. I want my Grand Caravan back!

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    I bought a 2009 civic hybrid

    I bought a 2009 civic hybrid in October of 2008 and after putting 41,000 miles on the vehicle I have just had the IMA battery replaced for the second time. The car has been in for the check engine & IMA lights 5 times now; a couple times they did the dealership did the software updates and the lights returned. I'm very disappointed in the vehicle and currently waiting to hear what Honda's response is about the issue. I am working with the service department manager and also looking into the lemon law for my state.

    I drive many miles for work and thus will hit the end of the 8yr/80k warranty on the battery in another year and a half and thus am concerned about having to pay for a new battery out of pocket. Time will tell if this is my last trip to the dealership for the IMA!

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    Amazingly, the dilemma we

    Amazingly, the dilemma we are now in was predicted by Admiral Rickover of the nuclear navy back in 1957. Batteries just can't come close to fossil fuels in terms of energy density or durability. The time to begin preparing for a future living in walkable communities powered by atomic fission is now. Amazingly, of all the "green" tech, nuclear is the only thing that will work. James Hansen of NASA, the world expert on global warming, even admits this in his new book.


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    K. Pownell, When your

    K. Pownell,

    When your battery acts up post-warranty, contact me for repair of the battery instead of replacement. Depending on the type of failure, you might even get away with a simple charger to rebalance the battery once a month.

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    I've got a 2003 HCH with

    I've got a 2003 HCH with over 200,000 miles on it. I've been driving with a "bad" IMA battery for nearly two years. Basically the battery holds a charge and but will quickly deplete itself under a heavy load. When I bought the car I asked about the batter life and they said it was good for at least 3 - 4 years. I've now run into a more serious problem. Recently the IMA battery failed completely and essentially shut down the IMA system. When this happens there are two issues - 1) The HCH will start wiith the starter motor. When everything is working properly it starts off the IMA battery and the IMA motor. 2) The regular accessory battery is not charging properly below 1200 RPMs. This is because the regular battery charges off the IMA battery through a DC to DC converter (There is no alternator on the HCH). Basically the car is still driveable - it is just severly underpowered because I am not getting the acceleration boost from the IMA system. Also I have to watch the engine speed when the car is idling in traffic and keep the RPMs up so the battery stays charged.

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    It sounds to me that you

    It sounds to me that you guys are having a similar battery pack unbalance issue like the first generation Honda Insight guys have.
    Toyota gets better battery life because they stay in a narrow SOC band 80% to 40%
    I believe the Civics like the Insights, run from 80% to 20% SOC.

    Another difference is that at least in their battery pack patents, toyota has mention of a battery maintenance mode that occasionally tops off the pack to equalize cells. To my knowledge Honda does not have that function.
    The simplest fix for many of the issues with the packs is to occasionally charge the pack with a grid charger. This externally applied charge can be done in several ways, the simplest and safest being with a stack of small isolated switching supplies with a constant current supply in series as I show here:
    Since the civic Packs are only 2 subpacks (14V)bigger than the Insight, the same components should work well for the civics, with the major difference being where the adjustable voltage on the 48V power supplies are set.
    Many Insight packs that are exhibiting problems have been restored to normal operation with a few charge cycles. Since the civic packs are made with the same cells, I don't see why it would not work on the Civic packs.

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