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    Can anyone advise if this is

    Can anyone advise if this is still an issue in the 2010 Civic Hybrid? Or is it too soon to tell?

    I'm considering buying a 2010 HCH or a 2010 Prius, and I have to admit, this thread has definitely scared me more than a little bit.

    I know the Civic has made an effort to address other issues like the fuel bladder in this year's model. Anyone know if the battery/heat is still an issue.

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    By all means, buy the

    By all means, buy the Toyota. RUN RUN RUN! See the posts at Edmunds.com re the Honda hybrid problems.

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    Hey guys: I have a 2007

    Hey guys:

    I have a 2007 hchII and I have had the "fix" done, yes the hybrid acts differently then before. However just learn to drive it again, I still get 46 mpg, and most of my driving 90% is around town.

    Learn to use the "S" and you get much more regen to get the bars back up, and then back to "D".

    The HCHII is not for a driver who does not want to take an active
    role in the driving experience of a hybrid.


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    I just purchased a 09 HCH

    I just purchased a 09 HCH this fall. Everything great, then @ 2500 mi I notice a sudden drop in the mpg 42-42 down to 36-37. Then about a week later my IMA light comes on. Take it to the dealer and they do a "software upgrade". Light is now off but mpg is still down. Don't get as many bars on the Assist when accelerating. I think Honda has figured out how to keep this batteries from failing. They turn them off. I am pissed. Agree with others - don't but this car.

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    I bought a used 2004 hch

    I bought a used 2004 hch manual transmission 2yrs ago. I now have 134,000 miles on it. 6 months and at least 40,000 miles ago my engine and IMA lights came on and after reset only stay off for about 5-10 mins. Diagnostics by Honda said I needed new catalytic converter and IMA battery replacement at a cost of approx. $4000.000. My diagnostic tool says the same. Software updates have been added by Honda. However, and I feel this is important, The vehicle runs fine. I am averaging 47-49 mpg consistently and there is no indication that my catalytic converter is bad or that my IMA is having a problem. I have to get my car inspected in Tx, now, but it won't pass with engine light on. I have no problem driving like that but the cops are going to get me one day driving with out of state tags for so long.
    I'm going to try replacing the O2 sensor and see if that works. Any other suggestions.

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    We have a 2009 Civic Hybrid.

    We have a 2009 Civic Hybrid. It has been great except for the fuel economy, which we always blamed on my driving habits. In October the IMA light came on and we took it to the dealer. They said that they needed to do a software upgrade and that it would probably happen every once in a while. The fuel economy went back up to around 39 mpg's city. A week later we had the window problem, took it in and they found nothing but said there was some sort of recall that they had to order parts for and a week later they fixed it. It is now December and the IMA light is back on and gas mileage is dropping to around 29 mpg's. Have had the car less than a year and it has just about 7,000 miles on it. If this keeps on happening we will be looking to use the Michigan Lemon Law. Thankfully we only leased the car.

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    We purchased two 09 HCH at

    We purchased two 09 HCH at the same time. Both have had the drivers window pop out, both fixed under the bulletin. Mine just had the ima light come on after a 15 degree night last week. I took it to the dealer and they did the update. I asked the advisor to explain the update to me and he became very denfensive and down right hostile. I left as they apparently have been instructed to "manage perceptions" about this issue. My mileage has dropped from 39mpg to 31mpg. There is no point in the hybrid system, my 06 Civic got 32!

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    2006 HCH bought in July

    2006 HCH bought in July 2006. 27K miles on it. Got the IMA light issue end of Nov. (around Thanksgiving). Took it to the dealer. Dealer said after diagnosis that I need a new battery. Was waiting for Honda's approval since the battery costs about $4K. Dealer called yesterday and said that Honda wants them to try and upgrade the software first before replacing the battery. Mileage (city only) has gone down from 42-44 to 34-36. And driving this in the morning is really horrible since I can't get any amount of acceleration without wasting a whole lot of fuel. Hope I can trade this in and get a better car.

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    Ditto to Brian's reply about

    Ditto to Brian's reply about shifting gears. I discovered this last summer. With the AC on, your battery goes to nothing in a heartbeat if you're driving in "D" around town. Use "S" until you can get at least 4 bars on your batteries before shifting into "D", even on the freeway.

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    My experience points to a

    My experience points to a problem only with the updates. I have a 2006 Hybrid Civic. I had been very happy with its fuel economy and power. Then, one day, the IMA light came on. It was driving normally, but I took it to the dealer because the manual said to. They did the updates and then I started having problems immediately on the drive home. The battery indicator says the battery drains within seconds. It also fully charges within seconds. I don't believe this could be happening. The auto-stop feature no longer functions, and the car goes into recharge mode while going downhill, while the battery indicator says the battery is empty.

    My experience seems different from the other stories I have seen here, in that I had no problems until the update. The dealer service department says they cannot revert to the old settings, because Honda won't allow them to. So, I am trying to figure out if this is a problem with the hardware (i.e. the battery) or the software (the update).

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