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    Thanks God you all saved me.

    Thanks God you all saved me. Thanks again

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    Contact me... . I need your

    Contact me...
    . I need your attorney's info... Please, Equally Frustrated...

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    I have developed a battery

    I have developed a battery charger balancer that can restore the capacity of the Honda batteries.
    Just finished my first run of 100 chargers, with good results on 9 out of 10 packs.
    While this will not fix all battery problems., it does seem to bring back the life, and stop the drop outs and recalibrations, and has cleared the IMA light and brought back many packs that were ready for replacement.
    The problem is not that the batteries are actually bad, it is because the car never fully charges the pack, so the self leakage rate differences between the many cells, gradually accumulates and the pack gets so far out of balance that it can no longer function. The charger fully charges the pack, and holds it there at a safe low current, allowing all the cells to get full and balanced .
    The charger has an acessory that can discharge the pack so the cells that were getting short cycled due to the unbalance to recover the lost capacity.
    Main charger page
    Some of the preliminary testing that led to the charger:
    Some info about the cells and pack construction
    Some detailed test results to examine the cell to cell balance:
    I am taking orders and deposits e for another batch of 100 chargers.
    A discussion of the charger projest on the Insight Central forum.
    How to use the charger thread.
    So there is an answer to the failing Honda batteries, short of changing the pack.
    The chargers will charge any battery from 7V to 250V, Insight, civic, Prius.
    Video of install of charger in 2006 Civic
    Charger operation

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    My wife and I just about

    My wife and I just about bought the Civic Hybrid at the dealer this weekend. Thought I would do alittle research at home then come back. Within a hour of Gooling plus this informative thread, NO CHANCE in hell. The earlier posted video was awesome. I hope that spreads on youtube. Thanks for all the posters this just saved us alot of money and heart aches.

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    I realize this is 2 years

    I realize this is 2 years old, but I think I can help you with the creaking sound. Have the left engine mount checked by a shop other than a honda shop. Mine went bad about 4 months ago.

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    Hey im thinking of buying a

    Hey im thinking of buying a 2007 HCH with about 35000km on it, its now 2012, i would think most of the issues would have been dealt with by now?

    Ive also seen a few third party companies offering battery replacements for a fraction of the cost...

    Anyone have any insight?



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    there is a class action

    there is a class action lawsuit, you should have been notified already. check out this website...dontsettlewithhonda.org.

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    I know about the lawsuit,

    I know about the lawsuit, which was started years ago. I want to know what the status of vehicle is now... Im sure Honda mechanics are well aware of the fixes by now.

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    I was looking into buying a

    I was looking into buying a 2007 Hybrid Civic that had 210,00 km. The kms are high but the price was decent. I don't know a lot about hybrids in general. After reading this I am going to stay away. I am assuming this is why the car had such a great price tag- to good to be true! I should of known better Thanks!

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    Well the over-whleming

    Well the over-whleming reports caused me to change my mind, i went with the Toyota Prius instead.

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