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    Very awesome. Great and

    Very awesome. Great and informative post.

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    The first two year of owing

    The first two year of owing my 2008 civic hybrid I averaged 42mgp on 30,000 miles. I then began having problems (34mpg) and notified the dealership who told me I didn't know how to drive a hybrid. Then the software update came and I was the first in Tulsa to have it installed. It brought my mpg down to 30 with the battery charging most of the driving time. I returned to the dealership where they reloaded the software to fix the problem. Then they said they couldn't do anything else and I would have to call Honda. After calling Honda they again told me I didn't know how to drive a Hybrid and the car was operating normally. Because the IMA light doesn't come on there are no problems according to Honda.....BS.

    I think that I would be better off is the hybrid system didn't function at all because of its constant charging while driving, especially on hot day.

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    I just bought a 2009 HCH and

    I just bought a 2009 HCH and these same problems with the artery losing complete charge, the window, and the mpg dropping to below 32 mpg
    Im taking it in and hope they will do something
    Doesn't make any sense to pay so much for a hybrid and get the same gas milage as a standard civic
    What did I pay all the extra money for??

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    IMA light came on over the

    IMA light came on over the weekend. Honda replaced my battery slightly over a year ago and told me then that if it went bad again, it would not be covered under warranty. Doubt that I've driven over 10,000 mi. since then and now the "new" battery is failing, though it has felt like it has been dying a slow death ever since that horrible software upgrade last year.

    I'm the owner of an 1st gen Insight, but its my understanding all Honda hybrids have the same battery, but could be mistaken there. Have been experiencing the same problems of frequent discharge, poor regen, no power, nonetheless.

    Anyway, just came back from the dealership and they said it is throwing 2 error messages: battery deterioration and torque failure. To my surprise, they are going to put in another battery at no charge. Just hoping it isn't another lemon and they will honor their promise to NOT perform another "software upgrade." Battery is on order, so time will tell as to whether or not my car regains its full functionality.

    Hoping Honda listens to everyone here who has complained and will make a widespread effort to retain their customers and fix the problems we are experiencing.

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    Bought a 2009 HCH new with

    Bought a 2009 HCH new with all the options, including leather and navi. Loved the car!! BUT, had performance problems almost immediately. Car does not function properly, and especially on days when it's really cold, or really hot. It is a BIG safety problem to drive the car, because of the tremendous power loss.

    My mpg went from 43 when new to currently 28 mpg. Car's power is sporadic and unpredictable. Most days the car cannot accelerate to merge safely onto 70 mph highway on flat level terrain, it's downright suicide to enter highway at that speed if its an incline ramp!

    HCH's handbook states the car can hold a capacity of 850lbs (people + cargo), but try putting 4 average adults in the car and drive-it's humiliating! It's so embarrasing to own a brand new car and get stuck on inclines, or even to have to ask heavier adults to carpool with someone else because the car doesn't have the power to operate like a normal vehicle and haul 4 adults anywhere.

    My car currently has 60,000 miles on it. I bought it specifically for the mileage because I drive A LOT! The dealership has been the only garage to work on my car. I complained numerous times to the dealership from the beginning. It took months before they finally took me seriously and began running tests. They thought because I had went from driving a truck to a small car, I wasn't used to a small car's lack of power. Their diagnostic tests kept returning normal, and the power and gas mileage on the car just continue to decline. IMA software upgrades were done (and once done, they can't be undone). Every recommendation that Honda has made, I have complied with (and at additional expenses of course!). Maintenance has been done to the exact specifications as the handbook has suggested. Even bought new tires (which were rated excellent by Consumer Reports), and added N2 to tires.

    Dealership made contact with American Honda in California and California recommended changing the IMA battery. Problem did not go away. The car has now had 3 IMA batteries and the problems persist. The service manager at the dealership has made it his personal mission to work on my car and attempt to figure out what can be done. Everything the dealership service department can do, I believe they have done. They have complained to American Honda relentlessly, but to no avail. I think it's sad that Honda won't even support their own dealerships. Because of the problems, I have maintained my gas receipts for over a year now to prove gas mileage reductions over time.

    I finally asked American Honda buy the car back about two weeks ago, but American Honda refuses to assist their customer. They offered about $500 toward ANOTHER Honda (I laughed at the offer). The dealership offered to buy the car back at wholesale (even more insulting...let me pay $26,000 so you can buy it back for $14,000 two years later). I have told the dealership and American Honda that I am the one being penalized for purchasing a defective product, because I can't sell the car and they won't buy it back.

    Honda should have to stand behind their product. I have a service record a mile long at the dealership showing the problems ever since I bought the car. Who wants to buy a HCH that gets 28MPG? I truly loved my car and hoped that the problem could be fixed, or that at least Honda would stand behind their product and try to make amends by offering to pay me a fair market retail value for my car (I had suggested that option too, and of course they said no). I just want to buy a reliable car (and the next one probably won't be a Honda).

    I am so disappointed in the way Honda is handling the problem. It's sad to think that HCH owners will end up as the victims and taking a major financial loss, while attorneys will end up profiting from a Class Action Lawsuit. I just wonder how many people have lost their lives in HCH car accidents because it was a power loss issue that resulted in their tragic accident, but it was never blamed on the true problem that existed with the car-loss of power. Toyota's big recall recently pales in comparison to the problems with the Honda Civic Hybrids!

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    Here a a problems with HCH

    Here a a problems with HCH (Honda civic hybrid)update software to control ima battery cause check engine light will be on at 10percent and software is control assist up to 15 and charging at idle.etc

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    I own a 2007 hybrid honda

    I own a 2007 hybrid honda civic with about 70K miles on it. I took it in for a regular oil change 2 weeks ago to the dealer and they extended my battery life at the same time.
    Since then, I experienced my car loosing all power late at night as I was traveling on the freeway with nowhere to pull over. I got stuck going up a hill in a busy off ramp. It was a traumatizing ordeal since it was late at night and road work was being done.
    When I took the car to the dealers to have it checked out, they said they couldn't find anything. They said all the diagnostics check out. I am concerned my battery will lose power and this will happen again! I do not feel safe driving my car!
    There is nothing to fix -- since the dealer couldn't find anything wrong!
    Put me down for the class action suit!

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    Post is amazing...its great

    Post is amazing...its great & interesting.

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    Great post. Very

    Great post.
    Very interesting.

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    I remember having the same

    I remember having the same issues with my battery and my dealer was able to help me out when I called them.

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