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    At least you folks are under

    At least you folks are under warranty and SHOULD have some hope for positive resolution. My car waited 'til 84,000 miles before going bad. I have no symptoms (performance or mileage) just the warning lights and codes indicating the battery is bad. BTW, does the automobile lemon law, enacted in the 80's I believe, have any teeth?

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    Kent - the warranty for CA

    Kent - the warranty for CA is 150,000 miles and it looks like Honda has agreed to kick in at least some of the cost in other states. Since the warranty is 80,000 in other states, and your car is close to that, I would ask some dealers anyway.

    Kim - the hill situation is terrible, I am not looking forward to that. I'm sorry that you have to deal with that.

    Honda called last night and reiterated thier position that the car is out of warranty because we took it out of the US. They have actually agreed to send a letter. They assured me that the IMA is just an 'assist' and that the car will work exactly like a petrol Civic when the battery dies. That the IMA is completely independent from the rest of the car.

    But that's not what I have read on forums like this. I have read that the car will become dangerously underpowered and even stop in the middle of trips. I have read that it will drain the starter battery and kill the alternator, and the small battery needs to be unclipped every night. What is the truth? In a few years a lot of people will choose not to replace the battery, and then we will have empirical evidence. Until then, its a time bomb. I don't believe its a reliable car at all.

    I have to seriously consider whether investing $7,000 to replace the IMA is throwing good money after bad. I bought a Honda because I wanted a car for 20 years, not 6. The only thing stopping me from leaving it at the airport (who would buy it?) are the environmental principles that made me buy it in the first place

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    I just would like to know

    I just would like to know after full service life of IMA battery do we have option to drive vehicle only on gasoline?

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    Hi, If battery malfuction


    If battery malfuction can we drive the car only on gasoline?do we have conversion button?

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    Unlike Prius. HCH car can

    Unlike Prius. HCH car can drive gasonline only.
    Prius needs battery to operate.

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    I was looking at cars to get

    I was looking at cars to get for my 16th birthday. I was looking at Honda Civic Hybrids, im assuming i shouldn't? i live in WA state as a few people who commented and it gets hot in the summer.

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    Have a 2005 HCH and just

    Have a 2005 HCH and just started having problems. Car will not steer untill I hit 30 when engine takes over , I believe the battery is bad. But can a charge be helpfull.

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    Having problem with battery.

    Having problem with battery.

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